LOLCat speek hurts mah brain

I’m puzzled.

Cats. They’re the kings of the jungle. The aloof animals who will let you pet them… but only on their terms. Basically, cats are just too cool for everything. They’re kind of the original hipsters.


Growing up, I was fairly certain that cats were the smartest creatures out there. Take Garfield, for example. He might be fat and lazy, but he’s also clever and well-spoken. (Well thought-bubbled?) In contrast to sweet, lovable, dim Odie (and hopeless Jon), Garfield was clearly the brains of the operation.


My first cat, Buttercup, also gave off an air of superiority. She seemed pretty sure that she was… the cat’s pajamas. I wasn’t quite sure where the dogs and I fell on the intelligence continuum, but I knew that it was somewhere below the cat.

So, why did the Internet decide that cats have poor grammar and spelling skills? Honestly, it wouldn’t really surprise me to learn that cats actually speak in Elizabethan English. I’m not joking. Cats probably judge our grammar. (I’m pretty sure that this cat does. And this one just judges us. For everything. I told you cats were hipsters.)

I’m genuinely curious. Who decided that if adorable animals could talk, they’d sound like they recently suffered some sort of head injury? It’s fascinating that lolcat has become its own weird language. You can even translate regular English into lolcat (and it seems that lolcat has its own set of rules) – hence the grammatically tortured title of this post. (You can also read the Bible in lolcat, if that’s your jam.)

Don’t get me wrong… I’m as charmed by emoticats as the next gal. However, this whole phenomenon is beyond my comprehension. I know that some of you out there may be more comfortable with lolcat speak than I am – if so, care to enlighten me? (I mean, the guy who founded that Cheezburger site is obviously doing pretty well for himself, so perhaps I’m the one who is missing something here.)

Maybe cats are actually behind this whole LOLCat thing… they’re lulling us into a false sense of security. Then they’ll make their move.


You’ve been warned.

Do you speak lolcat? I’d love to hear why it appeals to you. If you’re not a fan, why not? What do you think cats would sound like if they could talk to us?


150 punny cat names… and counting

I was browsing the list of terms that bring people to this blog (as you do), and I realized that quite a few people are searching for punny cat names. I’ve shared several on the blog, but I’ve never compiled them into one post. Today, that changes.

Dear Cat Lover:

Thank you for visiting this blog in search of punny cat names, despite the puppy-focused title. Although I’m currently a crazy dog lady, my first love was a cat. I still consider myself one of you. Honestly, a more accurate title for this blog would be “I Still Want More Puppies and a Cat or Two, But My Dogs Would Chase Them so I Can’t Actually Have a Cat.” Catchy, right? I totally should have gone with that one. - There's nothing like watching cat videos to help me pass the time until I can see my cat again.

… or to fill that cat-sized hole in my heart.

I tend to make a lot of puns. One might even say that I make a lot of bad puns. However, if even one of those puns can bring joy to your life – or a punny name to a feline in search of an identity – then all of this punning will be worth it.

Over the years, I’ve shared several punny cat names on this blog. Although last year I shared a list of punny names to date, it wasn’t cat-specific. So, in order to make your life easier, I’ve compiled them all into one comprehensive list below. Continue reading


Judgy cat stare?

As you may have noticed, I didn’t get around to putting up a link roundup on Friday. Oops! Please accept this regal cat photo as an apology.

Meow: I Still Want More Puppies

Who dares approach my throne?

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