Who run the world? Squirrels.

You guys… I am seriously slacking off. I almost forgot that today is Squirrel Appreciation Day (aka Kolchak’s least favorite holiday).

Shocking, I know. (via gihpy.com)

Thanks for the reminder, Cute Overload.

In honor of this momentous day, I give you a bevy of squirrel-related puns.

You’re welcome. (via giphy.com)

Settle in with a cup of Squirrel Grey Tea (the drink of choice for refined squirrels everywhere) and enjoy this journey through the annals of squirrel history.

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Dog cuisine: cicada or nada?

The title of this post was almost “you say ci-cay-da, I say Secada.”

Anyway, on to more pressing matters. It’s cicada season in parts of Virginia. Thus, if you live in the area or will be visiting, you may want to be on the lookout for these noisy insects. The season is just getting started, but before long they’ll be everywhere. Seriously… everywhere. In fact, to mutilate a classic song: ”If you’re going to be at BlogPaws, you just might find a cicada in your hair.” If that happens, try not to panic. It’ll be okay. Continue reading


The Rhino Force is strong with this one…

I have no words.

The cute is almost too much to handle.

Speaking of rhinos (as one does), you should head over to Tiny n Fit to read her recent post about visiting South Africa. She shares some sobering facts about rhino poaching, as well as some ways that you can help. (Spoiler: you don’t even have to leave your house, although you can if you want.) Finally, you can enter to win a cool Rhino Force bracelet (ends Monday).

What are you waiting for?


Let’s hear it for the squirrels!

Happy Squirrel Appreciation Day!  Today, I thought I’d share one of my favorite squirrel-themed videos – I remember this one from childhood and it always makes me smile.  It’s my favorite way to celebrate the holiday.  (That makes it sound like I have a favorite list of squirrel videos. I do not, but perhaps I should curate one.)

A few other ways to celebrate:

However, you choose to commemorate the day, watch out for the Jedi squirrels.  Those guys are tough.

Ice Capades: Penguin Edition

Someone totally needs to remake The Cutting Edge with an all-penguin cast, right?  (Perhaps I should add penguin movies to my imaginary dog parody production company’s portfolio.  On an unrelated note, apparently I’ve got ice skating on the brain this week.)

Bonus link: tiny penguins in tiny sweaters!