Crafts for dogs: Build a couch fort

Do dogs need a creative outlet?

During BlogPaws this past weekend (more on that later), I ended up talking to a fellow blogger about how blogging allows me to satisfy my creative side. I couldn’t help but wonder, how do dogs scratch that creative itch?

For example, Tavish has found a way to channel his creative energies. He’s becoming quite the crafty canine. While I was busy attending sessions on Friday, Tavish was busy constructing this:

Tavish's couch fort: I Still Want More Puppies

For a proper fort, arrange the cushions just so…

He’s really been in a fort phase lately. The photo above depicts just one of his many creations. Some of his more advanced work even incorporates a blanket.

Next time your dog is bored, perhaps you should encourage him to embrace his inner abstract artist (or his inner Bob the Builder). It’s a little known fact, but fort building is good for the soul. Have more than one dog? They can work together to improve their interpersonal (inter-pup-sual?) skills.

Be sure to give your dog space, however. Some artists don’t like to be interrupted when they’re creating.

Tavish and pillows: I Still Want More Puppies

Keep out: Artists only!

You should also reassure your dog not to get stressed out if the fort doesn’t come together right away. The creative process can take time, so breaks are encouraged.

The artist at rest: I Still Want More Puppies

The artist at rest.

So, there you have it. An easy craft project for any dog. It’s a good thing.

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