Who’s at the door?

I Still Want More Puppies is a blog about pup culture, pop culture, and anything else that strikes my fancy. I strive for humor with a healthy dose of heart – stop by for a smile, a laugh, or a big virtual hug. There’s no law against having fun while trying to help animals, and this blog is a place to do both.

Warning: I’m addicted to both dogs and pop culture, and cannot be held responsible for any references to Wishbone, Beverly Hills 90210, or Saved by the Bell.

The blog’s motto is “Puppies = Serenity Now.”  After all, who doesn’t want more puppies?

A.J. & Bella

I’m your fearless blogger A.J. (better known as Pup Fan). Much like Elle Woods, I have golden hair, attended law school, and have a love of dogs. I also agree that orange will never be the new pink and feel comfortable using legal jargon in everyday life. (Thank goodness for the latter, or else I’d need to find a new day job.)


The dog behind the blog is Bella, a Beagle/Jack Russell mix that’s equal parts goofy and adorable. (It’s all about balance, people.) Her new little brother is Tavish, a Yorkie mix. Small-6485

I also have two other blogs (because I’m a glutton for punishment). The first is my oft-neglected baking blog, I Still Want More Cupcakes - where I indulge my not-so-secret love of butter and sugar. The second is Sisterhood of the Whispering Crowns, a team blog dedicated to increasing ovarian cancer awareness. In addition, I am a staff writer for Be The Change for Animals, as well as a volunteer at Friends of Homeless Animals.


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