Puppy love

An ever-evolving list of dog blogs… if you want to be added to the list, contact me!

24 Paws of Love
Adventures of a Cattle Dog
All Things Dog Blog
Amazon CARES
Animal Cafe
Banjo & Millie
Bark’n About
Basset Momma
Be the Change for Animals
Bocci’s Beefs
Bringing Up Bella
browndog CBR
Bunny’s Blog
BZ Training
Cat Chat
Champion of My Heart
CindyLu’s Muse
Daley’s Dog Years
Dancing Dog Blog
Doggie Stylish
Dog House Adoptions
Dog is God in Reverse
Fang Shui Canines
Fido & Wino
from sophie’s view
Grouchy Puppy
Hound Girl
Kahuna’s K9s
Kenzo the Hovawart
Kol’s Notes
Life With Desmond
Life with Lulu (and Wally, too!)
Life with Sampson and Delilah
Little Dogs on Long Leashes
Love and a six-foot leash
Marg’s Pets
My Brown Newfies
My Tail Hurts From Wagging So Much
Murphy’s Law
No Dog About It Blog
Of Cows’ Tails and Chew Toys
Oh, Corbin
Peaceful dog
Peggy’s Pet Place
Pet Blogs United
Pooch Smooches
Purebred Dog Health
Raising a Super Dog
Rescued Insanity
Road Dog Tales
Romping and Rolling in the Rockies
Roxy the Traveling Dog
Ryker Rules
Smart Dog
Something Wagging This Way Comes
Sugar the Golden Retriever
Tales and Tails
Talking Dogs Blog
The Chronicles of Cardigan
The Dog Park
The Gangs of New Yorkie
The Poodle (and Dog) Blog
The Thundering Herd
This One Wild Life
To Dog With Love
Two Little Cavaliers
under the blanket
Will My Dog Hate Me?
Winnie’s Dog Blog
You Did What With Your Weiner


One thought on “Puppy love

  1. Oooh, I have a beagle too! Mine is named Charlie Brown Bagel! I had a relaly hard time with a name, but my brother threatened to name him Javier when I left him there to be babysat if I didn’t hurry up and name him, so I just did it and when I came back he was already responding to CHarlie, so that’s what we’ve got! He wasn’t a puppy when I got him though, he was probably around 2- 2.5 years old. I found him running in traffic, around 14 pounds, full sized with a severe flea infestation. I tried for about 6 weeks to locate his owners but without tags or a microchip, and no responses to the 40+ notices I posted online and in the shelters that was difficult. No one ever claimed him and I fell in love with him. So he’s mine now! I love him SO much!

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