Just one of those (important) days…

Two years ago today, this furry face joined our family. We adopted him from Friends of Homeless Animals, and the rest is history…

Gotcha Day! via wantmorepuppies.com

Happy Tavishversary!

Here’s to a snuggly dog that’s scared of his water bowl and of his own farts… but still struts around the neighborhood like he owns the place. (Bella taught him well. Following her example, he seems to believe that if he can see it, it belongs to him.)

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been two years. So much has changed since then… but not how awesome this little dude is. (He’s pretty darn awesome.)


Gotcha Day: It’s a Tavishversary!

One year ago today, a furry little dude entered our lives. Although Bella was initially skeptical about her new and energetic little brother, I think she’s grown to love him and his crazy antics. It keeps her young.

Tavish is many things. He’s an artist, a chameleon, an aspiring movie star, a greeting card inspirer, a Bella kisser, a goofball, and a user of unconventional pillows. He sleeps with his favorite toy, tries to act tough, copies Bella’s quirks, and sticks his tongue out a lot.  If he ever needs a job, he could find employment as a Quokka impersonator. Most of all, he’s an adorable and indispensable part of our family.

I Still Want More Puppies: Tavish anniversary

A whole year of me? You’re welcome!

So, today I’m happy to celebrate an entire year of having Tavish in my life. Thanks for being so awesome, little dude.

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That’s all for now… hope everyone is having a great weekend (and that your neighbors are finally done setting off those pesky fireworks).