My puppy, ’tis of thee

In honor of the 4th of July, this week’s No Frown Friday has a patriotic theme.  Here are a few things to get your tail wagging into this red, white & blue weekend:

  1. We’ll begin with patriotic punny pet names, of course: Benji-man Franklin, Thomas Snifferson, James Meowdison, Paw Revere and George Washingbone.  (Another of my favorite patriotic pet names comes courtesy of How I Met Your Mother Tabigail Adams.)
  2. What better way to start the holiday weekend than looking at pictures of cute pets celebrating Independence Day?  Check out the 2010 winners of Martha Stewart’s Patriotic Pet Contest.  (Bonus patriotic pets available here.)
  3. I’m not sure how this next item relates to the upcoming holiday, but who cares?  I am loving this new (albeit inexplicable) trend – lobster dogs!
  4. Although many dog breeds originated elsewhere, did you know that there are some that are truly all-American?  For info on some of these home-grown pooches (and a few kitties), check out this link.  (There’s a more comprehensive list on this site as well.)
  5. The list of all-American breeds includes my beloved Toy Fox Terrier.  In honor of my own childhood best friend, Scotti, I present to you the best terrier tribute out there:

(From the fantastic Best in Show)

Although the song is technically about the Norwich Terrier, I think it works as a tribute to all terriers… when singing along, just substitute the name of your own preferred terrier pal.

That’s all for this week… I hope you have a wonderful holiday!

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