Thank you, Doggie Stylish!

As you know, Bella has been rocking her Christmas collar for far too long.  She was wearing it on this blog as recently as last week, in fact.  Well, no more.  Thanks to Doggie Stylish, Bella has finally accepted that the holiday season is over.  During the Magical Mystery Mutt Tour, Karen from Doggie Stylish gave away a collar on her blog.  Somehow, I won!

I chose this sassy little number:

Isn’t her new collar the cutest?  Thanks again to Doggie Stylish!

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17 thoughts on “Thank you, Doggie Stylish!

  1. I can relate to the identity crisis that Bella experienced. Apparently, I was hairless until I was two years old, and my mother had to put pink bows into whatever pitiful tufts of hair I had so people would know I wasn't a boy.

    How wonderful that Bella gets to proclaim her girliness! Good for her — and congrats on winning one of Doggie Stylish's fab collars.

  2. Edie – me too! My hair was a really light blond – almost white – and really short. So I definitely look like a boy in many of the photos from that time. My mom used the same bow trick (and lots of dresses) so people would know I was a girl. 🙂

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