Flashback: Corgi, P.I.

It’s almost the first anniversary of I Still Want More Puppies, so
I’m sharing some of my favorite posts with you this week.  The post
below originally appeared on May 14, 2010.  Hope you enjoy!

For the first time, No Frown Friday will let one specific breed take the spotlight.  It seemed like I kept encountering Corgis this week.  It’s a fitting breed for my first breed spotlight – although we’ve been told Bella is a cross between a Beagle and a Jack Russell Terrier, we often get asked if she’s part Corgi.  She does have comically large ears and is low to the ground.  So either that combination results in a suspiciously Corgi-like creature, or there’s some Corgi in her family tree.  Anyway, on with the Corgification:

  1. While watching the Daily Show on Monday night, I saw this segment about Britain’s hung Parliament (that’s right, I keep up with non-puppy news as well).  While the Daily Show is reliably funny, this segment had a little something special – punny pet names!  Specifically, Winston Furchill (a Corgi, of course) and Margaret Scratcher.  Classic.  With that in mind, my own punny pet name this week is based upon one of the talented actresses Britain has bestowed upon us: Mischa Barkton.  (I kid, I kid… but did you know she was born in England?) 
  2. If you love Corgis, there’s a cute blog out there called the Daily Corgi where  I found this picture of a Corgi rocking Bella’s signature pose.  Or maybe Bella has stolen a signature Corgi pose?  The plot thickens…
  3. Who am I kidding?  As if I could only post one new punny pet name.  In honor of today’s Corgi focus, I give you Billy Corgi-an and Corgi Cox.
  4. I just learned that a cross between a Jack Russell Terrier and a Pembroke Welsh Corgi is called a Cojack (info and plethora of adorable pictures here).  I now have an overwhelming urge to adopt one of these dogs, get him hooked on lollipops, and  train him to star in his own police drama.  It seems to me that their short stature makes them the perfect dog detective – they can sniff out clues while staying under the radar.  Also, they are short enough to simply trip bad guys when they try to make a run for it.  However, in order for this police drama to work, Cojack may need a taller dog as a sidekick so that he doesn’t miss any clues that are higher off the ground.
  5. In honor of the future interim Prime Minister, Sir Winston Furchill, here’s another noble Corgi, showing off his kibble dancing skills:

(via Cute Overload)

If you think a short and adorable dog might be for you and are interested in finding a Corgi of your very own, consider rescuing a Corgi.  I hear they are good sports and won’t be offended even if you constantly make fun of their height.  True story.

Have a good weekend, puppy pals!

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19 thoughts on “Flashback: Corgi, P.I.

  1. Now, that was a snorter! He tap dances. 🙂

    Did you know ALL corgis can imitate flying squirrels? Also, corgi and dachshund crosses are Dorgis – not nearly as good detectives as Cojacks, though.

    Thanks for the corgi props!

    P.S. Jon farleigh and Dewi are going to be featured as corgis of the day tomorrow on The Daily Corgi.

  2. Elizabeth – that's awesome about Jon Farleigh and Dewi! I can't wait to see them on the Daily Corgi. 🙂 So exciting!

  3. I'm really loving these flashbacks! Winston Furchill and Margaret Scratcher–bwa ha ha ha!

    Congratulations on the upcoming blogiversary!

  4. Corgis have always been one of my favorites although, I have never had one. That is one cute one in the video. He loves to dance. What a cute doggie. Take care.

  5. Corgis are so cute!! I've seen that video before but it's definitely worth watching again, as it is just precious and so funny.

  6. The Cojack sounds like a fun name to call a dog. Nice of you to feature this small breed. Short dogs are good at taking less space in bed. Aschiuta would have long pushed me off if she'd been bigger.

    Oh, and happy early blog anniversary!

  7. Thanks, guys! I'm glad you're enjoying the flashbacks. I just love these little dogs, and Cojack makes me smile every time. 🙂

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