A weekend of puppies & football lies ahead…

It’s Super/Puppy Bowl weekend!  I’m sure today’s theme will not surprise you…

  1. Your punny pet name: Meowrio Manningham.  (I had some trouble coming up with one today – so here are some more punny football names.)
  2. He’s no football player, but Ozzy the balancing dog is the most impressive athlete I’ve seen in a while.
  3. Hello… is it blending you’re looking for?  If so, you’ll enjoy this Super Bowl commercial from Toyota.  (The obsession continues.)
  4. On a loosely related note, here’s a Mister T tea set.
  5. Moving on… I’ll be making some cupcakes for our annual Super Bowl party.  (One of these days, I’ll also update my baking blog again.)  I hope mine turn out better than these.
  6. Puppies predicting the Super Bowl?  I hope they are wrong, but I can’t deny the cute.
  7. Something else important is happening on Sunday too – the Puppy Bowl!  Who is your favorite player?  (See them in action!)
  8. Another great thing about the Puppy Bowl?  It’s encouraging adoption!
  9. No need to focus solely on the puppies – this year, you can check out the equally awesome Elder Bowl!
  10. Don’t worry… there’s a little something for the cat lover too.  Here are your 30 cutest moments from the kitty halftime show.
I can’t wait to watch the game and cheer for the Giants.  However, I doubt there will be any instant replays that use slow-mo as well as the video below…

(via Paw Nation)

So what are your plans for the big game?  Are you participating in Super Dog Sunday?  Bella did last year, and we’ll be joining in the fun yet again.

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