Give the dog a bone (or a Buddy Band)

Happy Friday!  Time to send you into the weekend with some lovely links…

  1. This week’s punny pet names are for our feathered friends: Emerbill Lagasse and Wolfgang Duck. 
  2. I so want to throw a Saved by the Bell party.  Invitations will be in the form of Buddy Bands.  (Bonus nostalgia: this Jem cake.)
  3. Speaking of sweets, I finally updated my oft-neglected cupcake blog.  Check it out!
  4. Apparently I’m all about the food today… let’s tie it all together. Meet the world’s most patient dog at the Food On My Dog blog.
  5. Another awesome tumblr site?  T-Rex Trying.  It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I think this one might be mine.  (Thanks to Hey, Love for sharing this one!)  
  6. For another treat, check out all of the great posts submitted to Something Wagging’s Train Your Dog Challenge and get inspired.
  7. If I had to compare dogs to a state of matter (you know, because that comes up a lot), I’d say Bella is like a gas.  She expands to fill the available space.  (I wonder what Bella would say about me.)
  8. Dogs wearing crowns – it just feels right.
  9. You know I love Pinterest.  The collection of crazy pins from Pinterest, You Are Drunk is my new guilty pleasure.
Finally, I give you today’s video… I’m kind of in love with it. No joke.

Cute, right?  Have a fantastic weekend!

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