Barking 9 to 5…

It just so happens that today is Take Your Dog to Work Day. It’s also National Dog Party Day. I guess if you’re going to work hard, you should play hard too!

Lucky for me, I usually work from home on Fridays… which means that I can take Bella to work with me today without having to actually take her anywhere. Given that Bella gets carsick in a rocking chair, this situation is ideal. We’ll have our own version of Paw-fice Space right here at home – Bella takes her Floor Patrol duties very seriously.

Now, to the Linkmobile!

  1. Today’s punny pet names take their inspiration from 9 to 5: Polly Parton (for a bird), Dane Fonda (for a Great Dane pup), and Gilly Tomlin (for a fish).
  2. Oh, I can’t help myself. Here are a few more: Molly Parton (for a fish), Jane Fawnda (for a deer), Lily Tomcatlin, and Billy Tomlin (for a goat).
  3. Next, check out this great slideshow of dogs participating in today’s festivities.
  4. Among the offices celebrating Take Your Dog to Work Day? The gang at Richmond International Raceway. (I bet Bella’s glad that I don’t work there!)
  5. Over at Peggy’s Pet Place, Kelly the pup has taken to the keyboard to tell us about her canine career.
  6. Sugar the Golden Retriever has donned some “office” attire today as well. (Looking good, pal!)
  7. What if your office is a boat? Something Wagging tells us about Schmitty the Weather Dog, and inspires me to watch “I’m on a Boat” too many times.
  8. The Poodle and Dog Blog gets into the act with this interesting story and clever post title: Dog on a Hot Thatched Roof.
  9. Wondering how to work out the logistics of bringing your dog to work? Never fear. The Pet Health Care Gazette has some great tips.

Sure, it sounds cute… but should we be concerned? Will human workers soon be replaced by a cadre of clever canine professionals? It’s happened before.

That deep thought brings us to today’s video. This dog seems to love his job more than most people I know.

Don’t worry cat lovers, I haven’t forgotten you. Bunny’s Blog tells us all about taking your cat to work.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I confess that I sang “9 to 5” the entire time I was writing this post. It’s going to be in my head all day now. It’s enough to drive me crazy if I let it. (See what I did there?)

So, tell me… have you ever taken your dog (or other pet) to work?

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