Seventeen reasons to smile

Today’s mischief is all mine, not the dog’s… I confess that I’m far behind in sharing my monthly post roundups. Today, I’m bringing you the best from September… these posts are guaranteed to put a smile on your face:

  1. A Bedtime Story from Tales and Tails – First, I’m a sucker for the Serta sheep. Second, I couldn’t stop laughing while reading this one.
  2. 12 Classic Movies That Aren’t About Dogs (But Should Be) from Something Wagging This Way Comes – Puns galore!
  3. More Thoughts From a Walk from Heart Like a Dog – I would like to request regular installments of this feature.
  4. 5 things I stopped doing after becoming a volunteer puppy raiser from Raising a Super Dog – This post is chock full o’ awesomeness.
  5. Black Dog Appreciation Day from Dogs N Pawz – Black dogs rock.
  6. Sleepovers are Exhausting from Pooch Smooches – When a pup is too tired to eat popcorn, you know she’s really pooped!
  7. Mermday Ferneh Mermday #6 from – I have no words. Just go laugh your butt off.
  8. Fostering Dogs – It’s About the Love, Not the Loss from Something Wagging This Way Comes – As always, Pamela provides a new way of looking at things that just makes sense.
  9. How my old dog brings my grandmother alive from Grouchy Puppy – A beautiful meditation on senior dogs.
  10. Remembering to Breathe – With a North American Beaver from This One Wild Life – Simply lovely.
  11. 7 Tips for Better Pet Photos from No Dog About It – Handy tips, especially if you’re trying to get a photo of the pup for your holiday card!
  12. Bella’s Week at the Beach from Bringing Up Bella – Can’t go wrong with a pup plus some waves.
  13. Intelligence: a two edged sword from The Elka Almanac – Is it better to have a smart dog or a dim bulb? I love thinking about this topic and the discussion on this post is really interesting. (In case you’re wondering, Bella is in the latter category.)
  14. Confessions of a multi-dog household from Oh My Dog! – If you have more than one pup or have considered having more than one, this one’s for you.
  15. Monday Mischief: Communication Breakdown from Kol’s Notes – Haven’t we all been there? Sit down and read this one.
  16. Share it Sunday, Guest Blog Floppy Tongue Joy! from Molly the Wally – As Tavish is also lacking in the dental department (and my family Chihuahua Kandi could never keep her tongue in her mouth either), this one made me smile. (Also, it’s a good reminder of the importance of good dental care!)
  17. What kind of song describes your dog? from No Dog About It – I’m loving this discussion!

Want to check out some real mischief? Swing by the Monday Mischief blog hop!

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8 thoughts on “Seventeen reasons to smile

  1. Interesting post on intelligence for sure. I am always reminded of what Dr. McConnell says to those who start talking about how smart their dogs are: “I’m sorry.” It makes me laugh but it’s so true! Dogs who are easily entertained are much easier to live with!
    Kristine recently posted..Outed!

  2. Thanks so much for including my 5 Things post! You’ve captured some intriguing posts, it seems. Now I just don’t know which to enjoy first, but I’m going to hit them all. As soon as I stop the puppy from chewing on the kitchen wall. Which, by the way, sounds exactly like a puppy chewing on a nylabone. I should have looked sooner, sigh.
    Donna Black-Sword recently posted..Four point mutt

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