Bella Holiday Tip #42

You may not know this about Bella, but she loves to give advice during the holidays. Our annual holiday card contains a handy tip from the dog herself, and this year’s is no exception. I’ve shown you a few outtakes from our photo shoot, but are you ready to see the final product?

Here’s the front:

The cover of our holiday card this year

Inside, you’re greeted by this photo, and some sage advice:

The inside of our card this year

Bella Holiday Tip #42

If you want to stay off the Naughty List, adopt a little brother and blame everything on him.

Finally, we added this photo on the back:

The back of our holiday card this year

He’s got the egg… who’s got the nog?

That last one isn’t the best quality, but it sure is funny. I can’t resist a holiday photobomb.

Want to hear some more wise holiday advice from Bella? Check out her past tips from 2011, 2010, 2009 and 2008.

Do you send out holiday cards with your dogs (or cats) on them? If so, do you do a special photo shoot or use candid pictures you took throughout the year?

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31 thoughts on “Bella Holiday Tip #42

  1. What a great card (and excellent advice!). To be honest, I am always doing my Christmas cards at the last minute, because I have spent all of my time designing everyone else’s! I just sent my off to be printed today! It was fun seeing the progression of your cards!! Your pictures are fantastic!
    Julie recently posted..When “life” gets in the way!

  2. I used to actually have the dog write the annual letter (with editorial inserts from me here and there). This year we used a painting of our angel Abby that my sis had done as our card. Next year I’m hoping to do a photo card with Rita. Your cards are great inspiration! SO cute!
    Jackie Bouchard recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: Presents!

        • I totally understand. Honestly, I every year I get sad thinking about what I will do when I no longer have Bella with me to share her holiday tips. (Just call me Debbie Downer.) Can she just stick around forever?

          • I know – I was Debbie Downer too. I kept saying to the hubs “We have to stop having Bailey write the letter, cuz one of these years she won’t be here and starting the card with ‘I’m writing the card this year cuz the dog died’ just doesn’t say ‘Merry Xmas’.” There is never enough time with our sweet pups!
            Jackie Bouchard recently posted..Have You Seen This Man?

  3. Bella has given some wise advice over the years…The cards are all adorable…I started way too late this year, so ended up with store-bought cards…For next year I vow to get my card designed & made early…A personal card is so much nicer
    Gizmo (@GizmoGeodog) recently posted..ON DOGS & WALKS

  4. We do holidays shots and also use the good photos from our collection. Every family member gets showcased in our card. We used Shutterfly to help design and print them. We had so much fun that we ended up with not only Christmas cards but Thank You and Easter cards too!
    We love your Photos and they will make an amazing card! You two are so cute together. I am so happy for you Bella, I bet it’s fun being a big sister!

    • I actually bought Bella’s sweater in March in preparation for this year’s card (oddly, it has a monster face on the back for some reason), so I had to pick one up for Tavish in November so they could be coordinated. 🙂

  5. Love the picture! I could never think up such clever bits of wisdom like that! I sent out pictures of my Holly wearing a handmade Holiday collar this year…Holly wearing Holly…get it?! See…that’s as clever as I get 😉

  6. So sweet, I’ve got 3 dogs and they all ‘blame’ things on each other 🙂 The one’s who’s been good always rushes up to us saying “it wasn’t me!”

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