Looking for a great dog blog? Kol’s Notes explains it all

You may have heard about the Pet Blogger Gift Exchange in your travels around the Interwebs. If not, I have to tell you – it’s pretty darn cool. Pamela from Something Wagging This Way Comes had a flash of inspiration recently – instead of gifts, let’s exchange compliments, encouragement, and some love.

When I found out the blogger I’d been paired with, I could not have been more thrilled. Perhaps you’re familiar with the lovely Jodi (pictured below with pups Koly and Felix) from Kol’s Notes?

Check out that smile!

She’s pretty darn awesome. (Dear Jodi: I borrowed these photos from your site. I hope you don’t mind. If you do, please do not send a zombie after me unless absolutely necessary. Thanks!)

I spent a lot of time thinking about my gift to Jodi. I finally settled on a No Frown Friday dedicated to the genius that is Kol’s Notes. An epic one, in fact. If you’re not already a devotee, you really should be. Today, you’ll find out why. (At the end of this post, you’ll also find out how you can help me make this gift really special.)

Intrigued? Let’s start at the top. Just check out this header…

The colors. The design. The motto. The dog in a chef hat. (Dogs in hats will always be a shameful weakness of mine. I think it might be one of Jodi’s too.) Trust me, you’re in for a treat when you visit this blog (both literally and figuratively).

Now, are you ready for more reasons to love Kol’s Notes? Read on for a host of linky goodness from one of my favorite bloggers:

  1. No link roundup would be complete without a punny pet name, of course. Because Jodi is Canadian, today’s punny pet names have a little Canadian twist. I give you: Howly Mandel, William Catner, Celine Pee-on, Woofus Wainwright, and Will Arpet.  (Would you classify my bad puns as Canadian bacon? Jodi, is that bacon actually from Canada? It’s unclear.)
  2. You know, I’d like to grab a drink with Koly sometime (beer for me, water for him). That dog seems like a riot (and he’ll come through in a pinch). I hope I never get on his bad side though.
  3. I’m pretty sure Bella and Koly are sharing notes on breakfast. They’re definitely working out of the same playbook.
  4. Actually, you know who I really want to get a drink with? Felix. I bet that guy knows all of the good dirt on Koly (and has probably kicked some dirt on Koly along the way too).

    Felix, who is not a cat.

  5. As you can see from the header, Kol’s Notes is a blog after my own stomach. Good food? She’s got more recipes than you can shake a Polaroid at. Jodi also cohosts the Tasty Tuesday Blog Hop, which is chock full of nutritious and yummy treats for your pups. (Who wouldn’t want to Cook with Koly?)
  6. Speaking of good food, Jodi’s pups say “grrrr” to grains. Why? Lucky for you, she explains it all (kind of like Clarissa if that gal knew anything about canine nutrition) in this post bearing a puntastic title.
  7. Jodi also keeps her fellow bloggers hopping as one of the counselors at K9 Kamp. Bella’s been honored to be a camper for two years in a row, and Tavish looks forward to joining this year’s event!
  8. Jodi is one of my blogging heroes. In addition to everything I mentioned above, she also organizes amazing giveaways and seems to possess a reserve of blogging energy that is awe-inspiring. (I think she published almost fifty posts in December alone. As Wayne and Garth would say, “I’m not worthy!” Or perhaps that should be “woof-worthy“?)

    Puggle. Kolchak Puggle.

  9. Did I mention she’s generous too? Always telling her readers how to save on treats or showcasing adorable pups in need of homes. In a word: inspiring. Maybe next she can share some more lessons in Doglish?
  10. I don’t know how she has time for all of this stuff. I’m beginning to think Jodi really stands for J.O.D.I., some sort of robot computer program built as a super blogger. (A little help here? What could that acronym stand for?)
  11. In any event, J.O.D.I. is a blogger/super-machine after my own heart. She likes penguins, Dr. Seuss, and random pop culture references. She’s a Pinterest addict. (No, really. An actual addict. She may need a Pintervention, but I’m enjoying her pins too much to stage one.)
  12. Now, if only J.O.D.I. could figure out how to score some real estate in her own bed, she’d be set. Perhaps she needs more braaaiiinnnnnssss to give her processor a problem-solving boost. You know, J.O.D.I.’s interest in zombies is starting to seem suspicious.

I don’t care what Koly says. Jodi and J.O.D.I. are hilarious.

I know these things usually end with a video. Instead of choosing just one, I’ll send you over to the Kolchak Puggle YouTube channel instead. Enjoy!

Now it’s your turn, dear reader. Help me give Jodi, Koly, and Felix a fabulous gift by doing at least one of the things below. (For extra credit, do two. Or three. Or all the things.)

Okay, fellow pup fans… get to it. Help me tell Jodi just how freaking awesome she truly is – let’s make this gift a good one!

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25 thoughts on “Looking for a great dog blog? Kol’s Notes explains it all

  1. Jodi is fantastic! Love her posts and her giveaways. First “met” her through K9 Kamp, which was super fun (and we won stuff!). AND she gave me a private tutoring lesson on how to use Rafflecopter. She’s pawesome!

    Let’s see… J.O.D.I…. Jodi, Obviously Doing the Impossible ?? (She never seems to run out of blog post ideas, which also amazes me!)
    Jackie Bouchard recently posted..Downton Labby: The New Season!

    • Awwww, thank you Jackie! LOL, trust me I *so run out of ideas*. What really helped me is having an idea list that I carry everywhere with my. (Mine’s in evernote on my phone, but a notepad would work). Whenever I lack inspiration I can *usually* find something on there! (Or I steal shamelessly! I’m not above finding another blog post to inspire me and adding my own thoughts on the topic, with credit to the original post, of course!)
      Kolchak, Felix & Jodi recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: Get Moving Mama!

  2. As cool as Koly is, and he is pretty stinkin’ cool, I think I have got to be one of Felix’s biggest fans. Oh the stories he must have! And no dog wears an elf hat like the Fe-Dawg. Jodi is one of the funniet, kindest people I have met online so it’s no wonder both her dogs are so awesome.

    Thanks for sharing some of my favourite posts! Now I get to go back and read them all over again.
    Kristine recently posted..Not Bad For Anyone, Let Alone An Unwanted Pit Bull

  3. My eyes are leaking all over my face (which is totally a bad thing. What if my joints rust up. Um, I mean…I’m not a robot. No, no. Definitely not a robot.) I am so so honoured to have my own No-Frown Friday post!! It definitely turned my frown upside. This is seriously such an amazing gift and I am overwhelmed with love and gratitude. Thank you. <3
    Kolchak, Felix & Jodi recently posted..I Think I Might be a Bad Dog Mom (and other vomit related confessions)

    • Just follow the Flight of the Conchords example and tell people it’s raining on your face. 😉

      Seriously though, all of these kudos were well-deserved. You’re pretty freaking awesome. Even if you might be a robot.

  4. OMD! What could be better than inspiring a famous Want More Puppies link post?! Fabulous job sharing the link love with a Fabulous blog.

    I’m already a huge fan who was thrilled to meet Jodi last year at BlogPaws. But come to think of it, I never saw her get too close to the pool. Maybe she is a robot.

    That would explain how she gets so much done.

    Thanks for joining the Pet Blogger Gift Exchange. Up for next year?
    Pamela | Something Wagging This Way Comes recently posted..9 Reasons Blogging is Bad for Dogs

  5. Jodi is AWESOME!! I love reading her blogs because she makes me LOL! Koly is a character along with Felix! I don’t she sleeps because is not enough room in the bed for Jodi plus Koly, Felix and hubby are always snoring to loud.
    What a OMD job you did in writing this tribute to Jodi. Jodi J.O.D.I. could stand for one (J) Jammin (O) Outstanding (D) Dog-Loving (I) Intriguing-Individual
    Sharon Gilbert recently posted..You Had Me at Woof: Reason #436

  6. I’m a huge fan of “the other Jodi” she has helped me in more ways than I can even remember. I’m also thinking she is a robot or maybe a zombie, (nothing seems to stop them either. )

    Great post about a great blog and a really awesome person.
    Jodi recently posted..Trail Blazers

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