No Frown Friday: “What is a weekend?” edition

It’s time for another Friday link roundup, although I’m sure the Dowager Countess would wonder what makes that so darn special.

  1. Today’s punny pet names: Waggy Smith and Kelly Barkson. (Have I used that last one before? I don’t think so, but that is surprising. I’m a huge Kelly fan.)
  2. Speaking of puns, I can’t decide which is my favorite of these. (Though I think it might be #9.)
  3. Dog or lion? You be the judge.
  4. I’ll be watching the Golden Globes and spending my Sunday evening with my imaginary best friends Tina and Amy. (Not that they are imaginary… just that my being best friends with them is a figment of my overactive imagination.) What about you?
  5. If MTV ever makes True Life: I’m Addicted to Awards Shows, they should totally give me a call. Anyway… enjoy these honest titles for Oscar-nominated movies.
  6. You know, I always wondered where kittens came from. Now I know.
  7. Say hi to your weather forecast for me.
  8. On an unrelated note (as if the others were actually related), I want all of these cakes. All of them. Bring them to me!
  9. I’m beginning to think that I’ll never get tired of hilarious auto-corrects. Perhaps it’s a new addiction to add to my awards show one.
  10. Houndton Tabby? Yes, please.

Speaking of Downton Abbey, I feel like the following parody would make a great cat food commercial.

I also have a fun bit of news to share with you today. Much like these dogs, I’m already thinking about the Super Bowl (and our annual Super Bowl party). In related news, did you know that the Puppy Bowl includes hedgehogs this year? Hedgehogs. Amazing.

Anyway… in years past, I’ve participated in the Super Dog Sunday blog hop. This year, I’ve been invited to be a member of the Cheer Team to promote this year’s Super Dog Sunday photo contest, which will benefit the Petfinder Foundtion. I’ll be posting more info soon, but you can go here to get a little preview if you just can’t wait. Stay tuned…

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5 thoughts on “No Frown Friday: “What is a weekend?” edition

  1. There is too much awesomeness here. But I think the end all and be all is hedgehogs at the Puppy Bowl. OMD, I can’t wait!!

    Hmm. If Amy & Tina are *your* imaginary best friends but they are also *my* imaginary best friends, does that mean you and I are imaginary best friends? Or are we frenemies who have to vie for their attention?
    Jackie Bouchard recently posted..Pet-Blogger-Challenge Virgin No More

  2. I love those auto corrects. I could read them all day long. Once I sent a text to all my kids letting them know their cousins were coming over. My auto correct turned Kyle into Kike and I didn’t catch it. They thought that was hysterical.
    Jodi recently posted..2013 Goals

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