Super Dog Sunday: Show us your pets!

Your pet is cute. You know it. I know it. So, show ’em off!

Have you heard of Super Dog Sunday? Now in its third year, Super Dog Sunday is a fun photo contest that challenges pet lovers to enter football-themed photos of their pets and/or adoptable Petfinder pets. (If you use Photoshop or some other editing tool to create the perfect photo, I’ll never tell.) I’m honored to be part of the new Cheer Team that will be helping to promote Super Dog Sunday this year!

The event is 100 percent charitable and benefits the Petfinder Foundation. (Sponsors pay a fee to participate in the event, and that fee goes to the Petfinder Foundation to support its mission to help shelters and rescues so that more animals can find their forever homes. Cool, huh?)

Last year, several pets featured during the photo contest found forever homes and the event sponsors made over $1,000 in donations to Petfinder Foundation and supplied prizes for lucky entrants. Not too shabby.

Ready to play?

Have any questions? Please email, or

In addition to the photo contest, you can also get into the cheering spirit by participating in the #SuperDogPics Twitter party! The Twitter party is happening on January 20 from 4-5:30pm Eastern Time (I’ll let you do the math for your time zone) – you can RSVP here to find out more about that event.

Will you join in? Can’t wait to see your photos!

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6 thoughts on “Super Dog Sunday: Show us your pets!

  1. That was fun; some of you guys are going to have to school me on the art of “succinct”. It just hasn’t sunk in quite yet. Thanks for joining the Super Dog Sunday™ Cheer Team; we’re so happy to have helpful posts going up around the block. Happy tails!

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