Forget Skynet… meet our new canine overlords

The dogs… they are evolving. Now that they can communicate by means other than the Twilight Bark, I’m pretty sure they’ll be taking over soon.

First Skype… then the world.

Um, seriously… pretty soon we’ll be working for the dogs. (Oh wait, I already do. Don’t laugh. You probably do too. Unless you have a cat, in which case both you and the dogs are probably on his payroll.)

Still not convinced? Dogs have already mastered more efficient modes of transportation. They’ve learned to brave the elements. I’m pretty sure that this dog will be organizing a canine Ocean’s Eleven any day now (with his pals George Cloonflea and Brad Sit). And let’s be honest – they’ve obviously conquered this whole blogging thing.

Humanity is doomed. The only question now is whether we will have to welcome our new canine overlords or our new feline ones.

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14 thoughts on “Forget Skynet… meet our new canine overlords

  1. I don’t think I’d mind if they took over; most of the dogs I see are more sensible and have better leadership skills than most of those in Congress, at any rate. Certainly better at showing appreciation and motivating employees than my boss 🙂
    Kirsten recently posted.."Dangerous Dog"

  2. Pretty darn cool! That would only work for Jimmy in my house. He is very focused on TV and movies so I amm sure he would be able to Skype. Wilson has never once responded to a screen image. Now a doorbell on TV….that’s a whole other story 🙂
    Taryn recently posted..Standard Equipment?

  3. We seem to be on the same page here…I have been musing about dog evolution too. No, seriously! I have a two part post started today called “The Evolutionary Leap”. Only half tongue in cheek. I liked your take on dogs as the coming overlord. We already spend more on them than our kids..minus college, of course.

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