My new favorite celebrity? Will Sniff

Okay, so I know that this clip is basically everywhere right now. However, given that it exemplifies puns and song parodies at their finest, I just had to share it here too:


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13 thoughts on “My new favorite celebrity? Will Sniff

  1. I haven’t seen this one! Love it, some people are just so clever! I do hope the other dogs in the video were just borrowed and not real dogs at the shelter, I really hate to see that.
    Jodi recently posted..Zoned Out

    • Hahaha… I have fond memories of it, but I have fond memories of lots of things from the ’80s that probably wouldn’t hold up if I watched them now!

  2. haha that was super creative and well done! nice rhymes and good production too… i am surprised!! plus Will Sniff is super cute so that helps as well! thanks for sharing!

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