Hello, is it a kitty you’re looking for?

Today, Petfinder is encouraging bloggers to talk about how awesome cats are. Now, don’t tell Bella and Tavish, but I happen to agree. My first pet was actually a pretty cool cat named Buttercup.

Fun fact: pom-poms can double as a cat bed

So, in honor of Buttercup and awesome cats (and cat lovers) everywhere, today’s links are feline-focused. Enjoy some kitty cuteness, and then get out there and adopt a cat! (Let me assure you – I would happily do so if Bella and Tavish were not champion cat chasers. Maybe they need to read this post.)

  1. What should you name your new cat? Here are some punny pet names to get you started: Meowie Long, Rachel Scratch, and Meoward Stern.
  2. There are many reasons to adopt a cat. For example, do you need of a skilled goalie in the house?
  3. Or perhaps you just want someone to help you reenact your favorite movies at home? (If you’re not interested in that, I’m going to need you to tell me what your damage is.)
  4. I mean, your cat could even play the role of Simba from The Lion King. Obviously, house cats like to emulate their majestic relatives. (Bonus squee!)
  5. If movies aren’t your style, you could always reenact some classic paintings.
  6. I also hear that cats make great wingmen. They’re total chick magnets. (Duck magnets too, I hear.)
  7. In any event, who wouldn’t want to spend some time having a nice intellectual exchange with their favorite feline?
  8. Cats do have a way with words, after all.

Seriously though, in spite of all of the silly reasons I listed above, there’s only one reason you really need to know. Cats are awesome.

Also, I give a huge thumbs up to any animal that gives me a reason to make a Lionel Richie reference.

Hello, is it an adorable kitty you’re looking for?

If so, head on over to Petfinder and search for an adoptable cat near you! Then take lots of photos and tell everyone else you know why adopting a cat is the best. The Internet is sorely lacking in cat pictures, after all.

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