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I think she suspects something…

As I mentioned last week, we’re participating in K9 Kamp yet again. This week, I’ve been working on increasing the duration and intensity of my walks with Tavish to get a better workout.

Maybe we’ll buy matching tracksuits and kick it up in the style department as well. (Don’t worry, I’ll get Bella one too so that she won’t feel left out. And then she’ll give me the evil eye if I even think about putting her in it.)

When we first moved into our current house, I finally had a fenced yard. It made me a little lazy about going for walks, honestly. Bella tires easily these days, so her walks are shorter and less frequent. (She often prefers to amble around the yard and take a nap in the grass, I think. For this and many other reasons, I am pretty sure that Bella is my spirit animal.) However, adding Tavish to our family changed things significantly. He loves going for walks, and his enthusiasm is contagious. (It can also be painful, when his “enthusiasm” lands on my feet or jumps on my legs.)

Anyway, that brings me to the point of this post. (I realize I took a long and winding path to get here, but that’s pretty much par for the course.) If you’re interested in getting fit with your pup but don’t know where to start, might I suggest just grabbing the leash and going for a walk? It’s great for both of you, and it’s an easy way to get moving.  With that in mind, I thought I’d share a cute video I found that discusses the benefits of walking with your dog and offers a few tips.

What did you think of the video? Share your tips and thoughts in the comments!

Next week, I hope to try some new activities with my workout buddy. Stay tuned…

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20 thoughts on “#K9Kamp tips: Walking with your dog

  1. It is as simple as that, grab the leash and your dog and go! The video had some great tips and hopefully motivates folks to get up off the sofa. It’s good for your dog and good for you! Thanks for joining our Blog Hop!

  2. Great job getting out and stepping up the intensity. I found it easier to walk when Brooks was with us, he got so excited and started dancing around! I had to laugh a little during the video– 3 easy steps how to walk: put your heel down, raise your foot, push off with your toes… Oh now I know how! lol
    Thanks for joining FitDog Friday and for being a great part of K9Kamp!!
    peggy frezon recently posted..K9 Kamp Exercises from K9 Fit Club

    • Maybe we’re supposed to think that she got that way just by walking? (And don’t worry, I won’t be getting invited to do any of these either. LOL)

  3. I walk my guys a lot. I’m a bit fanatic about their weight! But I find that I don’t get enough of an aerobic workout with them. They sniff way too much, plus they don’t do well in the heat. I walk them and then go back out and get in a real walk…..
    Taryn recently posted..I Have a Little Shadow……

  4. Great video – but we do it even easier. No need for a pedometer or a smart phone (I own a dumb phone) – all you need is a watch with a second hand so you can time your intervals. And use the watch to make sure you’re really doing as long of a workout as you think! Sometimes we do a long walk and i think ‘That must have been an hour’ but it was only 45 min, so we add an extra bit on the next time.
    Jackie Bouchard recently posted..Follow-Up Friday: Pupdates on Past Posts

    • Yeah… it’s funny to see how differently my two dogs handle walks. Bella wants to sniff everything, so we take a leisurely stroll. Tavish wants to go, go go… it’s hard to slow him down even when I want to!

      My husband is convinced I am incapable of running much faster than I walk. He calls it my low-speed run…

  5. We got lazy when we first got our fenced in yard too. But now we’re getting back out there again like you, and it really is just as simple as grabbing the leash and going! The video also had some good tips, and it was entertaining too!
    Jan K recently posted..Kobi’s “Kumfy” Prize

  6. Ha, ha…it sounded like she said “cheap date calories” at the start of the video 🙂 She implied it in the video but a dog walk doesn’t give many health benefits if your dog stops (so you stop) to sniff things every few steps. The key is to make sure that your heard rate is elevated. I know I am guilty of the leisurely stroll (even though we don’t stop) often. That helps Chester and Gretel some but not really me because it’s not aerobic.

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