Fifteen posts to beat the Monday blues: No Dogs Allowed edition

It’s always hard to go back to work after a long weekend. Why not ease in with a few fantastic posts? For June’s monthly roundup, I thought I’d try a different theme…

No Dogs Allowed: I Still Want More Puppies

Cue the Snoopy Come Home music…

Just kidding. Today, I’m sharing fifteen posts that made me smile last month. Get to clicking and find some post-holiday cheer! 

  1. Train Your Dog Like You Love Him from Smart Dog University – Just… this post is amazing. Go read it. I’ll wait.
  2. The Post in Which I Make a Somewhat Shocking and Unhygienic Confession from The Poodle (and dog) blog – I can’t argue with the logic in this one.
  3. The Anatomy of My English Bulldog’s Smooch from Canines & Couture – It’s hard not to feel joy when looking at smoosh.
  4. Game. Set. Match. from Kol’s Notes – I can confirm that when you have more than one dog, occasionally they team up to pull one over on you.
  5. What if dogs planned summer vacations? from Something Wagging This Way Comes – As a bonus, this post contains some quality puns.
  6. Mirth Watch Thursday: Should a Mother Read Her Dawgter’s Diary? from Pooch Smooches – These diary entries are simply fantastic.
  7. Spotlight: Hot Dog Digital Pet Art from The Daily Dog Tag – The cuteness. It is too much. I want them all.
  8. Dog Park Storm Photos (in color) from No Dog About It – Simply stunning.
  9. Memories of Jasmine: The Treasure Keeper from Dawg Business – I loved reading this sweet memory.
  10. Wordless Wednesday: Caption This #10 from Raising a Super Dog – I absolutely adore this photo. It’s really begging for some creative captions.
  11. Favorite Video Friday: Honey Badger Says Puppy Mills are Evil from Bunny’s Blog – A seriously great video from one of my favorite voices.
  12. How to live with a Smart Dog and Not Feel Inferior from Human Rescues Dog – I’m not sure either of my current pups qualifies, but I still enjoyed this post. (Bella does do the pillow thing though, so I guess she has flashes of brilliance.)
  13. Bon Jodi from Heart Like a Dog – Song parodies are my Kryptonite.
  14. Facing Down Rabbits from Tales and Tails – If you’ve ever wondered how to win the admiration of a German Shepherd, now you know.
  15. 12 Reasons Dogs Make the Best Friends from Something Wagging This Way Comes – Pamela, get out of my brain. Not long ago, I started a draft post about why dogs make better friends than people. Then you posted this fantastic one. So I’m just going to scrap it and link to you instead. Problem solved.

Oh, and if that Snoopy Come Home reference didn’t make sense, allow me to enlighten you. Please enjoy the following video:

Did I miss any of your favorite posts from the month of June? If so, please share them in the comments!

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12 thoughts on “Fifteen posts to beat the Monday blues: No Dogs Allowed edition

  1. Thanks for the shout out. I have to admit those are some of my most favorite photos too. Nothing like a good storm to make a photo look more dramatic. 🙂

    I love your list and saw a few on here I wanted to read but forgot. Will be reading these later this morning. Thanks AJ!
    melf recently posted..More on sheep herding

  2. Love these lists – thanks for compiling them. I always seem to miss some blog posts, so I’m glad to see your list! I’ve always loved Snoopy, so that video was great to see. Because my favorite dog in our house is my yellow Labrador, the comic strip “Red & Rover” is another favorite. He always nicely captures just how much our dogs mean to us and how much a part of our lives they are. Also, happily surprised to see myself on the list. Thanks!
    Laurie Luck – Smart Dog U recently posted..How To Train Your Dog When You Don’t Have Time

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