Picture this pun: Hamela Anderson

I’m trying something new today.  It appears that punny pet names are this blog’s most popular content.  (There’s no accounting for taste, I suppose. Yours or mine.)

So, I present to you the first in a (possible) series… illustrated punny pet names!  Our first fur-lebrity to get the picture treatment?

Everyone’s favorite lifeguard, the star of Haywatch… Ms. Hamela Anderson!  Please enjoy this autographed photo from the lady hamster herself:

Hamela Anderson via wantmorepuppies.com

Fun fact (or… just a fact): this is my first time drawing a hamster.  I have a feeling that this news will not surprise you.

So, tell me… is this feature a keeper?  (Be honest.)  If so, any suggestions for a possible title?  (In addition to “Picture this Pun,” I briefly considered “Profiles in Punnage” as an alternate.)


Forget MasterChef… how about HamsterChef?

I’m so ready for this three-day weekend. Bring it on!

  1. Up first, your punny pet names for this week: Nigella Pawson, Meowrio Batali, and Gordon Hamsay.
  2. Any other Top Chef Masters fans out there? I’m pulling for Chef (and certified dog trainer) Douglas Keane – how could I not? He’s competing for puppies! In particular, he’s donating any winnings to the Green Dog Rescue Project. (It’s an interesting model – any thoughts?)
  3. Sorry, other chefs… Dog Chef is still the cutest chef. (I know I shared it before, but it’s totally worth revisiting.)
  4. Dinner is great, but dinner and a show is even better.
  5. Speaking of shows, if you’re suffering from Game of Thrones withdrawal, soothe your sadness with these direwolf cake pops.
  6. If that’s not your thing, you could always order one of these dog cakes instead.
  7. Whatever you’re digging, I bet you can find it at the barkery.
  8. I’m going to need something to wash down all of that cake. What could it be? Oh, yeah. OH. YEAH. (I’m obsessed.)
  9. Don’t forget to provide some tasty options for your pups too – the family that dines together, doesn’t whine together. (Or something.)

Finally, today’s video is about enjoying your meals to the fullest:

Darn. Now I’m hungry. Thank goodness I already know what’s great for a snack.

If you missed it, here’s what was cooking on the blog this week:

(If you’re feeling so inclined, there’s still time to spice up the Dogs of Blogville calendar contest. You can vote for Ms. Bella until noon EST on Sunday.)