14 posts to remember from November

It’s time for yet another monthly roundup. Well, technically it’s past time. Anyway… today, I give you fourteen posts that made me smile in the month of November:

  1. Mirth Watch Thursday: We Are the Furred from Pooch Smooches – You know I can’t resist a song parody.
  2. Tips For Traveling with a Cat from Rescued Insanity – I know that it sounds like a straightforward post. It is not.
  3. Things You Say to Dogs That Would Be Creepy If You Said to People from Bunny’s Blog – Can’t argue with that.
  4. If my dogs were kittens. And they had a box. from Oh My Dog! – I’m a sucker for cats in boxes. True story.
  5. Why I Took Leaves From My Parents And Now I’m Taking Them Back from My Brown Newfies – It’s genius. Weird genius.
  6. Misconceptions about Gay People and Dogs from Fidose of Reality – This is a truly fantastic post, but the line about the dog with the video camera might just be my favorite part.
  7. Monday Mischief: Mischief-less In 7 Letters or Less from Pooch Smooches – I love this idea. What would your dog’s vanity plate say?

    Tell me more via wantmorepuppies.com

    Inquiring Tavishes want to know…

  8. Ty and Buster: How the Boys Got Their Names from Take Paws – I’m still giggling about the Rancid suggestion.
  9. FitDog Friday: Overcoming Obstacles from Beagles and Bargains – I can relate.
  10. The Rival in My Bed from Something Wagging This Way Comes – Between the post and the comments, it’s got your Daily Laugh Requirement (DLR) covered.
  11. Dog Nose Wisdom from Raising a Super Dog – I think Jager should be my new life coach. How do I make that happen?
  12. Getting to Know My Dog’s Brush (In Which the Dog’s Brush Can Speak and I Interview It) from The Chronicles of Cardigan – Where does she come up with this stuff? Love it.
  13. I Write More and More Letters from Rescued Insanity – I cannot get enough of these. (Also, Food Network? I hope you were listening to this wise woman.)
  14. Dogs in the heat of the night from A slightly R-rated dog blog – Let’s end on a joke, shall we? We shall.

There you have it – did I miss any of your favorite posts from November? (It’s possible – I only have two eyes and one laptop, after all.) If so, please share them in the comments. (Or, if you have some from December, send them my way for the next list!)


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