Tavish holiday tip #47

I know I’ve been notably light on the caroldies (and the blogging in general) this year, but I couldn’t let the holidays pass without sharing our traditional holiday tip. So, without further ado…

He's his own thing.

I’m Tavish S. Penguins!

Tavish Holiday Tip #47

This year, do your own thing. Make reindeer part of it. Any questions?

The best part of this year’s card distribution was the conversation with someone who was unfamiliar with the inspiration for this year’s card. He thanked me for the card, mentioned that it was cute, and asked me what was up with the reindeer.

Best day ever.

Also, I’ve got some plans to get back on the blogging wagon in the new year. Although the comic (which I would very much like you to check out) keeps me busy, I’m going to start posting at least a few times a month here. I miss this space… and you, friends.

Happy holidays!


Top 5 reasons to join the Pet Blogger’s Gift Exchange

The holidays are approaching. Much like Santa – and Type A personalities everywhere – you will probably make a list, check it twice, make a second list, check it thrice, make a sublist or two related to those lists, enlist your elves to make sure you didn’t forget to add something to the list(s), like taking photos of the reindeer for your holiday cards…

Oh, just me? (Some people get visions of sugarplums in their heads. I just get visions of to-do lists. I’m festive like that. ‘Tis the season to be crazy, after all.)

Well, um, even if you’re not quite as neurotic as Santa, you might find yourself busy with holiday-related tasks. The stress might start to slither in like the Grinch trying to snatch a roast beast. It’ll start to weigh you down.

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Fortunately for you, there’s a solution to your convolution. Some salvation for your situation. Welcome to the Pet Blogger’s Gift Exchange. It’s like a big virtual hug from a friend. You’ll give (and get) the gift of encouragement and blog love this holiday season. You just have to sign up. Continue reading