At least Bella won’t need a college fund, right?

Being a pet owner can be expensive at times, but the little monsters are totally worth it.  This article offers up some tips on how pet owners can save money.

Of note – tip #4 (shop around for vet care).  We tried out a number of vets before we found our current one – the practice is great.  Although it’s not the closest vet, it’s worth the drive even though that means having to try to keep Bella from getting carsick.  I believe that when it comes to vet care, finding a vet you I can trust is more important than finding the lowest bidder.  However, I recognize that I’m lucky enough to be able to afford whichever vet I choose – and I appreciate that this article is providing some alternatives for those who may not be in such a fortunate position.  In any event, I have learned that sometimes it’s wise to shop around for medications – for example, Frontline is a lot cheaper at Costco than at the vet’s office.

My favorite tip?  Tip #1 (start by rescuing a pet).  I still remember finding a picture of Bella on Petfinder and convincing the (now) hub that we just had to meet her.  We adopted her from HART, and it was definitely one of the best decisions we ever made.  How could we resist this face?

Vintage Bella photo from the vault, circa 2008.

Given the dreary day outside, I thought a sunny photo was the best defense.

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