14 thoughts on “Move over, Edward Scissorhands…

  1. I was worried too, Caren! The person who uploaded the video said that the jar was only on for a few seconds and then they took it off. (Though the pup doesn't seem to mind here!)

  2. i've never given Georgia peanut butter though i've often seen peanutbutter treat recipes on dogblogs. are they 100% okay for dogs? no allergy issues? i know certain nuts are bad for them.

  3. Looks like Fred was enjoying that peanut butter. Hope they got the jar off of his head. Have yourselves a fun day.

  4. I worried when I saw the jar stuck on his head but then seeing him licking and licking all around he obviously wasn't worried, more interested in getting the last bits off the jar!! xxx

  5. Looked like Dumpling was having a hard time, but how polite were the kitties in the last video – so much licking, too funny!

  6. OMDogness! That guy sure knows how to have a good time :o)
    I would have peanut butter all over my topknot :o)))
    Glad to read that he only had that “bucket” on for a very short time…

    Neeko :o)

  7. @Georgia Little Pea – completely and totally safe. There is a very very remote chance your pup would be allergic, but it isn't like a human allergy. I have never heard of a dog with an anaphylactic allergy to peanuts. They just get itchy.

    This video is adorable. Fe stuck his head in a peanut jar once. It was classic. So sad I didn't get a video.

  8. Thanks for the peanut butter info, Kolchak Puggle! I didn't think it was a problem, but I didn't know much more beyond that. 🙂

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