I’m good with words, not math

I have a confession… apparently my celebration of 500 posts was a bit premature.  By a bit, I mean 98 posts premature.  Allow me to explain…

When I logged into my Blogger account to write Wednesday’s post, the dashboard stated that I had “499 posts.”  Being a somewhat reasonable individual, I assumed that the post I was in the process of writing would be my 500th.  Apparently not.

I logged into blogger to write today’s No Frown Friday post… and my dashboard said I still had 499 posts.  My Spidey sense began to tingle, as I realized something was amiss.  Trying to reconcile the deficiency, I thought maybe the dashboard was counting both published and draft posts – however, that number is currently 503, so that didn’t add up.  I checked the list of archived posts on the blog’s sidebar and did some quick math, which revealed that Wednesday’s post was actually my 402nd post. (At least that’s what I got – as my math skills have obviously been called into question, for all I know it was the 384th post.)

So… thank you for the congratulations that I did not deserve.  I will let the future 500th post pass by without comment, as I’ve already been congratulated on it. (Perhaps it’s better this way – 500 gets all the glory, and no one ever cares about poor 402.  On Wednesday, 402 finally had the chance to shine.)

Anyway, my apologies for my poor math skills and inability to decipher my Blogger dashboard.  No wonder Bella seemed so bored.  (Your captions were stellar, however.)

Anyway, now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, stay tuned for your regularly scheduled Friday linkage later today… perhaps that will help me atone for my accidental deception.

Good with words, not math.

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