#K9Kamp: Having a ball… with rope

It’s time for another K9 Kamp update. Today, we’re talking about the second challenge, which was named (drum roll, please)… Play with Your Balls. (In case you’re not as amused as I am – which would make me question our friendship – perhaps the fact that I received an email beginning with “How’d you all do playing with your balls?” yesterday will do the trick. Best email ever.)

Anyway, as you know, Bella and I have been battling against various health issues during this year’s K9 Kamp. (We’re still on the DL, but we’re on the mend.) This week, we also had an additional challenge – the fact that Bella will not play with balls. I guess she doesn’t get the joke.

Read on to find out how we did…

Anyway, I substituted rope bones for the suggested balls, and we were in business. I incorporated elements of both Fetch it Yourself and Catch Me If You Can, mixed with some tugging for good measure. I’m nothing if not scattered, after all. In addition, Bella doesn’t really play fetch – instead, she has a homing pigeon thing going on. For some reason, she must return her toys to Toy Corner, so sometimes I had to improvise. If I stand in front of Toy Corner, it’s almost like she’s bringing the toy back to me. Almost. In any event, it was fun! Although I missed out on an opportunity for a lot of ball jokes, the rope bone was a perfect substitute.

Who left these toys here? Must return to Toy Corner!

Want more tales (and tails) from Kamp? There’s a ballsy blog hop happening today – check it out below.

Tomorrow, challenge #3 will be announced – so make sure to swing by Kol’s Notes and Peggy’s Pet Place for all of the details!


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29 thoughts on “#K9Kamp: Having a ball… with rope

  1. I love the fact that you had to improvise and seeing I am your friend I love the title of your e-mail. I think you could change your topic to “How we played with our bone.” Not quite as good as playing with your balls…..:-)

    One of my friends had a son that had a little stuffed dog, he carried it with him everywhere and he would stick his finger through the label and hold the dog close while he sucked his thumb. Poor little guy didn’t have a name though…..so I helped him out and suggested “Boner.” I’m pretty good with kids so the name stuck.

    His mom wasn’t very pleased with me. ;-0
    Jodi recently posted..W.T.F./Whoo Hoo Wednesday

  2. We had the same fetching problem for eons! Shiva thinks everything is a chew toy and always brought the toys back to her bed so she could destroy them. But by standing in front of her bed we could intercept her and eventually she caught on to a new, less destructive game. Her retrieve still isn’t great, but it’s far better than I ever expected it would be!

    I am glad you and Bella are recovering from your various ailments!
    Kristine recently posted..K9 Kamp Week Two: Play With Your Discs

  3. Very jealous that Bella puts her toys away! Rita is exactly the opposite! If I even try to put them away, she thinks that’s the sign to play with all of them and starts grabbing at the ones I’m carrying or dragging them all out again. We live in an almost constant state of dog-toy-disarray!
    Glad you managed to make it work even though Bella doesn’t fetch. We did our best as well!
    Jackie Bouchard recently posted..Ball-Der-Dash

  4. Sure hope this finds both you and Bella feeling better…sorry about your health issues. 🙁 Bella, don’t fret, three out of my FiveSibes rather not play ball…they rather bite and deflate them. Harley is really our Queen of Balls (ahem!) and Bandit may or may not chase one, but never retrieves it! Just our Queen of Balls – she will catch every throw and chase every Fetch! and retrieve it, giving it back to us for more!

    Keep getting well…and we had a ball with this K9 Kamp Challenge! (And a lot of fun with the play on words!)
    FiveSibesMom recently posted..Play Ball!

  5. That’s so precious that she brings her toys to the Toy Corner! Even better than a fetch, if you ask me.

    Maybe us dog bloggers would get the humor more if more of us…you know….HAD balls! But I think most of us are challenged in that regard, by virtue of that little thing about being born with two X chromosomes….

  6. Maybe Bella could teach the rest of our dogs to put their toys away? What a tidy girl 🙂 Nice job improvising . . but I’m sure we would have all enjoyed your “ball” jokes.

    I wrote a post last year that has had 500 page views . . the next closest page had 176 (obviously, I’m not that entertaining!) All because I included some words in my copy that apparently people are searching for . . go figure! http://www.thedailydogblog.com/dogs/things-that-make-you-go-hummm
    Julie recently posted..K9 Kamp Week #2: Play with your balls!

  7. LOL! Nice email subject line. Very naughty Kampers we have here. I LOVE Toy Corner. If you guys aren’t too busy, please do come over and teach Desmond how to clean up after himself.
    lauren recently posted..K9 Kamp: Week Two

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