Moonwalking down memory lane…

I’m feeling nostalgic today (and every day, but let’s set that problem aside for now). Maybe this weekend I’ll bust out my jelly shoes and play with my Brenda Walsh paper doll.

Oh, wait. I own neither of those things. Tragic.

  1. First up, your punny pet name: Henona Ryder (or Winona Flyder).
  2. On a pun-related note, these reworked movie posters are killing me. Seriously, how did I never come up with Abraham Lynxin?
  3. Continuing on the poster theme, these minimalist posters of children’s classics are pretty neat.
  4. Seriously though, I’m beginning to question my pun-slinging skills. I also wish that I had come up with Ernest Lemingway.
  5. Given that I mentioned both Winona and good ol’ Brenda Walsh above, do you love the movie Heathers? If not, might I ask… what is your damage?
  6. Speaking of damage, this article about Jem and the Holograms may have broken my brain.
  7. Now I’m going to be singing this all day.

You know, this cat can moonwalk better than I ever could:

Thanks for joining me on this (moon)walk down memory lane!

(Don’t forget – the #SuperDogPics Twitter party is this Sunday. Have you RSVP’d?)

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12 thoughts on “Moonwalking down memory lane…

  1. Jelly shoes came back, you know. Bought some for my girls at The Children’s Place two years ago. They were just as gross as I remembered.

    Oh, wait, maybe they were plastic sandals… now where did the jelly shoes come from???

    Please don’t tell me they actually made Brenda Walsh dolls. Please.
    one person’s view recently posted..Happy New Year

    • They’re back? I assume I’m too old to wear them now, but I do remember them fondly…

      I think there were Brenda Walsh paper dolls. Not sure if there were real dolls, but now I feel the need to Google.

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