Greatest hits from May

I’m almost a month  behind with this monthly roundup… oops! Life has been getting the better of me lately, as you can probably tell. I’ve not been able to get around to as many blogs as I’d like, so here’s hoping I can catch up soon and get the June monthly roundup to you before September.

Anyway, on to the posts!

  1. Lost Dog “Experts”, Lay Off Will Ya? from No Dog About It – First, this post is chock full of good tips if your dog is lost. Second, the so-called “experts” remind me of Captain Hindsight from South Park. Way to use that superpower, people.
  2. A Dog Park is No Place for a Duck from Rescued Insanity – The creative writing award for this month goes to Kristine for her interpretation of this story.
  3. Having a Field Day from CindyLu’s Muse – I’m a sucker for a good “gotcha” story… and this is definitely a good one.
  4. Happy Gotcha Day Delilah! from Life with Sampson and Delilah… The 411 – So is this one!
  5. Dogs + Gardening = Bad Idea from afFURmation – Bella likes to help me garden by finding whatever I’ve recently planted and “watering” it.
  6. Feliz Cinco de Mayo from Pooch Smooches – Rita the pup sure strikes some adorable and funny poses.
  7. Puggle Butts & Fat Pants: Why We Need K9 Kamp from Kol’s Notes – Did someone say muffin top?
  8. Mr. Woolly Man from BZ Training – This one just makes me smile. Do you have a photo of your pup with his favorite toy?
  9. Mother’s Day Letter From Dog from Grouchy Puppy – I was sold by the time I read the title of this one.

    Sleeping on the job...

  10. Lyrical Wordless Wednesday – To All The Dogs I’ve Loved Before from Something Wagging This Way Comes – I’m a fan of both the Red Headed Stranger and song parodies, so clearly this one had to make the list. (You’d like another parody, you say? You’re in luck – here’s a bonus parody from Chronicles of Cardigan.)
  11. Now See This: Behind The Scenes of “Senior Dogs Across America” from Daley’s Dog Years – An awesome video that introduced me to a whole world of touching senior dog portraits.
  12. 5 Week Puppies Hop, Skip, Jump (& Fall Down) in the Grass  from Dog House Adoptions – Speaking of awesome videos, this one is full of some amazingly cute puppies.
  13. Postcard from Kijkduin from Kenzo the Hovawart – Apparently I’m all about the videos from May. Can’t go wrong with a dog on the beach!
  14. 131/365: Major Snoozefest from Life with Lulu & Wally, Too! – This video is short but guaranteed to make you smile.
  15. Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Pinning is Winning from Kol’s Notes – Oh, it is.
  16. Service Dog Ike Has a Partner from Smart Dog – It sounds like a match made in heaven.
  17. Just Sharing a Bit of Doggie Happiness with You All from Alfie’s Blog – It’s so important to take the plight of those poor dogless souls into account, after all. (No offense to my feline loving readers, of course.)
  18. Trust from House of Carnivores – Some lovely musings on the trust between humans and their pets.
  19. Why I Foster from Poochie Project – If you’ve ever considered fostering (or even if you haven’t), this post is for you.

So, there you have it. If I missed one of your favorite posts (by you or someone else), please share it in the comments. The more pet bloggers I discover, the harder it is to stay up to date on all the great posts!

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15 thoughts on “Greatest hits from May

  1. Rooo, thanks for sharing my post about doggie happiness. There never seems to be enough time to read all the good dog blogs out there, does it? And you’ve just added another bunch to our long list *Waggy tail*

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