Adventures in Ad-purr-tizing

It’s that time again… this week, I have a purrfect roundup for you:

  1. Today’s punny pet names: Don Drapurr and Roger Purrling.
  2. Advertising using cats? You can’t go wrong with some good old fashioned catvertising. (It’s so totally a thing.)
  3. Why stop with advertising? Cats would totally create a monopoly and man (cat?) the phones as well to take your order. (Dear Cat Overlords: I would totally order a set of nesting cats.)
  4. Then they’d employ an army of canines to deliver the packages. (Cats would hire one of their own to do this job, but history has proven that cats are just too amazed by cars. They might make good bike messengers, but I hear that dogs are ready to step in there as well.)
  5. They would also pack the legislature with congresscats to help them get some valuable tuna subsidies. (Think I’m kidding?)
  6. This diabolical plan, however, only works if cats can stay awake long enough to implement it and clean up to make a good impression on investors.

I don’t think cats will be content with starting at the bottom and working their way up, however. They’re more suited to be the boss…

On a related note, I almost shared this video with you instead. I have no idea what it’s advertising, but it’s weirdly hypnotic.

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6 thoughts on “Adventures in Ad-purr-tizing

    • That sounds about right. 🙂

      When I was a kid, my cat buttercup would hop on my bed every night for pets, then scratch me when she was done. I mean, she could have just left…

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