Dogs kissing: no mistletoe needed

Do your dogs kiss each other? I ask, because apparently mine do.

Well, one of them does. The other one just looks puzzled.

Holiday card outtake #2

I shall keeeessss you!

I’ve read that this licking behavior might be a sign of affection. I hope that’s the case, because that’s a pretty nice idea.

On the other hand, Tavish licks everything that moves, so maybe Bella just ends up in the right place at the right time. On the other other hand, Bella licks everything too, but she doesn’t usually lick Tavish. How do your dogs show affection?

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29 thoughts on “Dogs kissing: no mistletoe needed

  1. Rita doesn’t have a sibling, but I have seen her sometimes sneak a kiss with other dogs, like her cousin Lucy. She hardly ever kisses me or my hubs, so we are jealous when she kisses Lucy. (Yes, we are odd.)

    Rita likes to put her paw on me. I’m hoping that is a sign of love – and not a “get up and do something with me. NOW.”-gesture.
    Jackie Bouchard recently posted..Monday Mischief: Slobber-fest

  2. Well, I’m the only dog but the cats will lick me and rub up against me and I have been known to lick and nibble on them too (don’t tell).

  3. love this picture…..dogs are so 2 younger girls, kiss one another….except when food is involved then they get territorial. but they love one another….the baby, 2 yrs old, tried to cuddle up to her older sister who is 11, but she wont have it….

  4. Cheyenne, my 11yo dog, will lick my 3yo dog Shiloh- if I’m petting her, lol. When I get home from work and sit on the couch, both dogs will come up to me. Cheyenne lines up for her ear scratching, and Shiloh crawls up near her. When he gets close, if I’m still petting her, Cheyenne will lick Shiloh- cleaning his face and ears. The second I stop, if he still has his face in front of hers, she’ll snap at him to get away. Other times he tries to lick her to get her attention, but she doesn’t care for it.

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