Meow mix: Let’s just pretend it’s Caturday

Today, we’re celebrating Caturday a little early…

  1. First up, your punny pet names: Scratch Adams and Henry Hissinger.
  2. Have you ever wondered how cats see the world? Now you know.
  3. Speaking of, this cat has a question that just might blow your mind.
  4. Next time you’re bored at work, just play with some shelter cats online. It’s win-win (except for your employer, I suppose… but just show your boss this article and you’ll be fine).
  5. This cat went on a cross-country journey. I feel lazy now.
  6. The cuteness. It is epic.
  7. Does your cat refuse to come when called? Use this simple method and all of your problems will be solved.
  8. I’m pretty sure that elementary school me had a sweater that would be right at home in this collection of kitty dresses. I was that cool.
  9. Did this really happen? Either way, I now pronounce Rod Stewart for… ev… er… hilarious.
  10. Meet the world’s most elusive annoyed creature: the Caticorn.

I bet this cat wishes his human would learn how to aim.

Get it together, dude.

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6 thoughts on “Meow mix: Let’s just pretend it’s Caturday

  1. Oh, Rod Stewart! That has to be real! I mean, he thought everybody thought he was sexy!

    I am crying, I am laughing so hard over the Caticorn video! My husband asked if he needed to pull over and if I would be okay. I will be laughing about that for a VERY long time!
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