Animal odd couples are the best kind of couples

It’s time for another No Frown Friday. (I also hope that this post heralds the return of regular posting. I’ve been down with the count due to allergies this week. Allergies in February. What is this world coming to?)

  1. First up, your punny pet names are Grammy-inspired: TayRoar Swift, Hairy Underwood, and LL Drool J.
  2. The Grammy performances occasionally include some surprising duos… so, today’s theme is odd couples. We can learn so much from these unconventional pairings.
  3. Let’s kick it off with a dog and a kangaroo. Maybe I’ll give some of them a celebrity couple name too, like Brangelina. I’ll call these two… Dogaroo. (Not to be confused with the Lemaroo, of course.)
  4. Speaking of Brangelina, this Swiss Shepherd took a cue from Angelina and adopted some tiger cubs. Squee.
  5. Now this… this is friendship.
  6. Is this video an example of what they call sitting in the catbird seat?
  7. I heard that this cat and rabbit (Cabbit) are wearing matching BFF necklaces. (I wonder if kids these days still wear those.)
  8. The owl and the pussycat are on Facebook. Everyone’s getting into the social media game. They shall dance by the light of the computer monitor.
  9. A dog hanging out with a lamb? There’s mutton weird about that. (Groan.)
  10. It’s like a Disney classic come to life. Behold, the fox… and the cat?
  11. This clip of a leopard and a baby baboon (Leopaboon) is sweet, yet rather sad (especially considering the backstory). Insert tissue warning here.
  12. Quoth the raven, “Why is this crow feeding a cat and a dog?”

The dog below is a true hero. The look he gives the camera reminds me of the look Bella gives me when she’s putting up Tavish.

Adorbs. You just know that those kittens are going to be this cat when they grow up. It’s all in good fun, right?

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