There’s something about Tavish…

I was excited to finally meet Leslie from Bringing Up Bella at BlogPaws this year. With that name, how could I not love her blog? It was meant to be. Little did I know that I would also meet Tavish’s name twin as well. Allow me to introduce you to Tavish from the Intrepid Pup:

Another Tavish: I Still Want More Puppies

I wonder if they’re related…

In fact, on the last night of the conference, I sat with Leslie, Tavish, and a lovely member of Team Tavish during the awards ceremony. They’re all fantastic, by the way – I definitely enjoyed the company. I was also rather amused. What were the odds of a double Bella/double Tavish evening? (In spirit at least… neither of my pups were in attendance, nor was Leslie’s Bella.)

Digging the black & white vibe we’ve got going on today? It’s part of the Black & White Sunday blog hop hosted by You Did What With Your WeinerMy Life in Blog Years, and Dachshund Nola. Stop by one of those blogs to link up & join the fun!

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11 thoughts on “There’s something about Tavish…

  1. Just got around to the pleasant surprise of seeing my mug on your blog! Sorry not to have caught it sooner…I just got back from some adventures in my first-ever time in North Carolina. It was so fun to meet you all at BlogPaws. Greetings to your Tavish!

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