Treat yo’ self like a dog today

Apparently, June 18 is National Splurge Day. When I first read about this day, I just assumed that it was related to that wonderful Treat Yo’ Self episode of Parks & Rec. It turns out that National Splurge Day actually dates back to 1994. (I wonder if it would have gained more traction if it had a cooler name?)

Anyway, dogs can teach you a lot about how to treat yourself right and live life to the fullest. Here are some tips I’ve picked up from my own canine life coaches.

You can take a day off from that diet. Channel your inner pup and eat with gusto.

Mmmmm... food


Heck, just take the whole day off. Curl up with a book or watch your favorite TV show.

I have not made a huge mistake.


Surround yourself with things you love…

Ball heaven!


… and with the people (and puppies) you love.

Husky love


Take a walk with a friend. It’ll do you good.

Corgi pair


Try to take things in stride. If you trip, just shake it off and keep going,

Just keep swimming


Stop worrying about what everyone else thinks. Play your favorite song… and then dance your tail off.

Corgi dance!


Never underestimate the importance of a good nap (and always be prepared).

Burrito pup


If all else fails, you can’t go wrong with a relaxing bath.

Dog bath


(Note: Neither Tavish nor Bella endorse this final tip. I’m pretty sure Tavish is a Mogwai, while Bella has mastered the guilt trip.)

What has your dog taught you about treating yourself right?

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17 thoughts on “Treat yo’ self like a dog today

  1. My dog changed my life completely. He has taught me to live in the moment and skip the stress (as much as us humans can. lol)
    I went from having a clothing line to becoming a dog behaviorist. Yea, i’d say he taught me more than most. He’s a sweet guy like that.
    Brandi recently posted..What to do with poo

  2. Rita’s main lesson is not a good one for me – the “It really is okay to have a treat every time you walk past the treat cupboard” thing isn’t doing me (or my behind) any favors!

    (Love that Treat Yo’ Self episode. And would also love an all-day Arrested Development marathon.)
    Jackie Bouchard recently posted..The Dog’s Not Spoiled . . . Much

  3. We all have a lot to learn from our dogs. Mine is to chill, that’s all my dog does – CHILL; and me, well all I do is find things to do! Love your pics and how you explained what we can learn from them.

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