Top 10 reasons to ask your dog to be your Valentine

Valentine’s Day is almost here. Considering that it’s a day all about love, a lot of people don’t exactly love the holiday. In fact, some of you may be a bit anxious about it.


Listen, my friend… there’s no need to fret. I’m going to let you in a on a little secret. Humans are fine and all, but they’re totally overrated.

The best Valentine is the canine kind. Seriously, canines are where it’s at. (To paraphrase my favorite fashionable movie, Valencanines are so hot this year.)

Still not convinced? That’s okay. I’ve got ten reasons that dogs make better Valentines than their human counterparts… 

  1. You don’t have to make extravagant plans for Valentine’s Day. Just set aside some snuggle time, and you’re golden.

    Adorbs (via

  2. You don’t have to stress about making a reservation at a fancy restaurant.

    No reservation needed (via

  3. There’s no need for clever dinner conversation. (Billy Joel would be pleased.)

    I choo choo choose you (via

  4. Buying a heart-shaped box of chocolate is not necessary. In fact, buying chocolate is discouraged. In all shapes.

    Not impressed (via

  5. You don’t even have to buy a card, because your dog can’t read.

    The glasses are just part of his hipster uniform (via

  6. Your dog won’t care if you’re not looking your best.

    Or if you doze off (via

  7. You can finally ignore that heart-shaped candy that makes uninformed predictions about your love life. Channel your inner honey badger.

    Forget it, candy (via

  8. You don’t have to worry about any awkward romantic moments.

    Oh, hello there (via

  9. Human to dog PDA is generally adorable. (Human to human PDA can result in some judgy bear stares.)

    Le sigh (via

  10. The chances of rejection are pretty low. A dog’s answer to “Will you be my Valentine?” will likely be yes. Because dogs say yes to pretty much anything.

    Cats are a different story (via

Pretty convincing, right? After all, humans give love a bad name (or at least that’s what I hear from Bon Jovi).

Love hurts (via

Puppy love is not as hazardous to your health (although it might involve more slobber).

Worth it (via

What do you think? Will your Valentine be of the fur-covered variety this year?

Happy Valencanine’s Day!

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