Pugs? Just Say Yo

I recently bought an awesome new t-shirt that says “Pugs Not Drugs.”  (It’s from a cool organization I just discovered – the Chris Atwood Foundation.  Obviously, Manly the Pug is doing some good work out there.)

Pug life, yo.

I can’t argue with that message, and it got me thinking (a dangerous prospect, I realize).  What other societal ills could we get rid of with rhyming dog breeds?  

Lucky for you, I’ve come up with some options:

  • Airedales Not Full Jails
  • Great Danes Not Hate Pains
  • Affenpinschers Not Youthful Dentures
  • Newfies Not Roofies
  • Shar-Peis Not War Days
  • Norwiches Not More Glitches
  • Cesky Terriers Not Pesky Barriers
  • Retrievers Not Mild Fevers
  • Poms Not Bombs
  • Deerhounds Not Fear Sounds
  • Akitas Not Stale Pitas
  • German Shepherds Not Rabid Leopards
  • Rottweilers Not Snot Pilers
  • Bloodhounds Not Mud Mounds
  • Collies Not Follies
  • Kerry Blues Not Wary Mews
  • Coonhounds Not Moon Pounds
  • Pekes Not Leaks
  • Bulldogs Not Full Bogs
  • Ridgebacks Not Fridge Lacks
  • English Setters Not Bed Wetters
  • Japanese Chins Not Sins
  • Redbones Not Dead Zones
  • Spitzes Not Ditzes

Problems? Solved.

You right now, probably.

If you haven’t broken your computer in protest yet, now it’s your turn to channel your inner activist.  Add your slogans in the comments, friends.

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