There’s something about Tavish…

I was excited to finally meet Leslie from Bringing Up Bella at BlogPaws this year. With that name, how could I not love her blog? It was meant to be. Little did I know that I would also meet Tavish’s name twin as well. Allow me to introduce you to Tavish from the Intrepid Pup:

Another Tavish: I Still Want More Puppies

I wonder if they’re related…

In fact, on the last night of the conference, I sat with Leslie, Tavish, and a lovely member of Team Tavish during the awards ceremony. They’re all fantastic, by the way – I definitely enjoyed the company. I was also rather amused. What were the odds of a double Bella/double Tavish evening? (In spirit at least… neither of my pups were in attendance, nor was Leslie’s Bella.)

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Inspiration from Hope for Paws and the Bill Foundation

Many of the sessions at BlogPaws were about the nuts and bolts of blogging. After all, it’s important to know what you have in your toolbox when you’re building a blog. One of my favorite sessions of the conference sounded like it would also be about tools – but it was really about heart.

The session had an simple enough title: “Make Some NOISE – How to Connect All Your Social Media & Create Buzz.” The speakers for this session were Eldad Hagar and Annie Hart, two rescue rock stars. Eldad works with Hope for Paws, Annie works with the Bill Foundation, and they both work together to make a difference for animals in need.

It was a very informative session, but it was also a very emotional one. Eldad and Annie showed us two videos. I’d seen the first one before, but it rained on my face anyway. (Grab a tissue and go watch it. It’s about Janie, a dog with a broken back and a wounded spirit. As you’ll see, she needed more than surgery to heal her heart. I love a happy ending.)

I thought I’d share the second video here today. We got a sneak preview at BlogPaws, but the video was posted on YouTube this past Friday. It was beautiful to see two different organizations working together to promote each other’s missions. We really can reach more people together than we can alone.

In addition to giving my tear ducts a workout, Eldad and Annie shared a number of useful tips. However, the most important thing I took away that day was inspiration.

What inspires you?


Something adorable this way comes

Today, I thought I’d share another photo from BlogPaws. Here’s a shot of the beautiful Honey from Something Wagging This Way Comes.

Oh, Honey : I Still Want More Puppies

Oh, Honey!

Digging the black & white vibe we’ve got going on today? It’s part of the Black & White Sunday blog hop hosted by You Did What With Your WeinerMy Life in Blog Years, and Dachshund Nola. Stop by one of those blogs to link up & join the fun!


Bloggers are kind of like cicadas

We’ve talked about cicadas on the blog before. However, while reflecting upon my recent BlogPaws experience, it hit me. While I can’t speak for bloggers in general, I think I’ve stumbled upon an interesting discovery: pet bloggers are kind of like cicadas.


Now, before you get bent out of shape, obviously there are some differences. None of the pet bloggers that I have met are freaky bugs with orange eyes. (If you are an actual cicada who maintains a pet blog, please give me a call. Or an email. I’m not sure which technology you prefer. However, I have so many questions for you. First, what kind of pet does a cicada have? A fruit fly? How do you type? Do you just hop from key to key? How do you want me to pronounce your name? Did you start life as a cicada or was it some sort of Kafka thing? Oh, and sorry for that “freaky” comment. No hard feelings?)

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Captioning like cats & dogs: BlogPaws edition

I realize that I haven’t shared much about my BlogPaws experience yet. I’m still catching up on life, but I promise I’ll get there eventually. In the meantime, I thought I’d share a few photos I snapped over the weekend.

First up, a pink punk rocker from Curlz and Swirls:

Pink Punk Rock Cat: I Still Want More Puppies

Anyone else thinking of Jem and the Holograms right now?

And here’s dapper Dewi from the Chronicles of Cardigan:

Dewi the Corgi: I Still Want More Puppies

All your treats are belong to Dewi

Think you can do better? Give me your best captions in the comments!


Dog cuisine: cicada or nada?

The title of this post was almost “you say ci-cay-da, I say Secada.”

Anyway, on to more pressing matters. It’s cicada season in parts of Virginia. Thus, if you live in the area or will be visiting, you may want to be on the lookout for these noisy insects. The season is just getting started, but before long they’ll be everywhere. Seriously… everywhere. In fact, to mutilate a classic song: “If you’re going to be at BlogPaws, you just might find a cicada in your hair.” If that happens, try not to panic. It’ll be okay. Continue reading


Will I meet you at BlogPaws 2013?

In less than a week, BlogPaws 2013 will be here. It just so happens that this year’s conference is (like the 2011 event) in my metaphorical backyard. So, how could I pass up another opportunity to hang out with some of my favorite pet bloggers? Truth be told, I signed up as soon as the location for 2013 was announced last year!

I can’t wait to see some of my blogging buddies again… and to meet some of you in person for the very first time! Will you be there?

I had a wonderful time in 2011, even though I’ll admit that I was a little nervous. (If this year’s conference will be your first, have no fear. As I’m sure you can imagine, this is one fun and welcoming group! If you’d like to read about the 2011 conference through the eyes of a newbie, check out my series of posts about the experience – you might want to scroll down and start with the oldest posts first.)

Keeping an eye on the lawn...

Keeping an eye on the lawn…

(Full disclosure: Bella and Tavish will probably not be attending the conference with me. Although it’s nearby, I’m worried that they might find it a little overwhelming. So, maybe I’ll manage to work something out with Tavish, but Bella will probably have to live vicariously through me. She’s in kind of a “get off my lawn” phase with any other dog she happens to encounter these days.)