Meatballs: the way to a dog’s heart?

Today’s video features George Clooney.  Why, you might ask?  First, he’s nominated for a Golden Globe for his role in The Descendants.  (Confession: I still need to see this one. I’m so behind!)  Second, because he rescued a dog (which earns instant awesome points in my book).  Finally, because it’s hard not to giggle when he talks about his unconventional technique for making sure that his rescue dog chose him

(via PetSugar)

I secretly hope that George Clooney is like the Swedish Chef, happily making meatballs in his kitchen to keep Einstein happy.

Who else will be watching the Globes tomorrow night?  I’ll be tweeting away, so feel free to join me if you’re also a pop culture/movie nerd.  I can’t wait!

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23 thoughts on “Meatballs: the way to a dog’s heart?

  1. BOL! I never knew that George (I call him that 'cause we're so close lol!) adopted a dog! That meatball story is hilarious! Ha!Ha!

  2. LOL! I read about this somewhere and laughed my butt off. And here I was just waiting to see if they felt a connection with me! I should have gotten some meatballs!

  3. Had I thought of that I would have used them on Delilah. But the rescue group wasn't that concerned when they placed her. They never even called to check. 🙁

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