I’m not very musical, but this post is quite Seussical

Thanks go to Kolchak Puggle for inspiring today’s theme – I just hope that my bad rhymes do not make you scream…
  1. Today’s punny pet name has both brains and good looks – it’s Fleaodor Seuss Geisel, author of many great books!  (If you have the time and are feeling quite able, you might want to check out this Lorax dessert table.)
  2. Speaking of books, not to be quite contrary, but I don’t think I’ll fit in this little library.
  3. I hear that the ’80s are making a sartorial comeback – will fashion soon be inspired by volumes in my childhood book stack?  (It seems that everything comes back around, from clothing to music, such cycles abound.  This fashionable news fills me with neon-colored dread, but I suppose I should just be thankful we aren’t chasing the ’70s instead.)
  4. If fonts were cats, would they wear hats?  By that of course, I mean the thing called a serif – that a letter sometimes wears a pair of.
  5. This next link will mess with your head and your brain – it’s inspired by Escher, and it’s right up my lane.
  6. Now, Bella gets carsick and can’t go too far, but if she could travel I’d want this plate for my car.
  7. Last week I took the adorable Willis to an adoption event as my friend – although he did like to hug, I’m lucky he did not try to fully ascend.

Before I must go, I shall whisper a secret.  It should fully explain the final thing in this link set.  Dr. Seuss isn’t the only one who entered the world on this day – a certain pup-obsessed blogger also came out to play.

Now that you know of this Seussy connection, perhaps you will realize upon further reflection, that the puns and the parodies are fully explained, and my all-around goofiness was no doubt preordained.Anyway, if you’re feeling inspired by this meandering post, and wish your blog had a similar rhyme scheme to host – sit down at your keyboard and let the creativity pop, then head on over to join up with this Seusstastic blog hop.


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