Let me tell you ’bout a dog I know…

I realized that I haven’t spent much time letting you get to know Tavish. So, here are a few fun facts about the newest member of the I Still Want More Puppies family:

  • Tavish is around 4 years old. For simplicity’s sake, I decided that his birthday shall be January 1, 2008 (observed). (That’s right, he’s like Columbus and Lincoln.)
  • We’re not sure what breed he is, but we have guesses. Obviously there’s some sort of terrier in there. Yorkie? Silky? Cairn? (Perhaps another Magical Mystery Mutt Tour is in order.)
  • His favorite activity? Going for a walk. (A close second? Licking us and Bella. He’s also a champion snuggle bug.)
  • Somehow, we’ve already given him a ton of nicknames. Among them: Little Buddy, Tav, Jumping Bean, Tavitoons, Captain Egg (see below), Tavischon…
  • This little guy is smart and has lots of energy. We’re going to be starting obedience classes in the near future, and I wonder if someday there may be agility in his future. Can tiny terriers do agility? We may find out.
  • On the weekends, I think he’d be happy to sleep in if it weren’t for Bella’s desire to have breakfast no later than 7 AM. As soon as he eats his breakfast, he runs back upstairs to his bed and goes back to sleep. (Bella has started to follow suit.)
  • He seems to be taking his cues from Bella and has adopted some of her quirky behaviors. For example, he has embraced the cave dog lifestyle (although he can actually fit under the bed) and engages in a nightly migration to his dog bed.
  • He has also created his own version of Toy Corner. Bella has graciously allowed him to keep some of “his” toys in the dog bed on the first floor. Much like Bella, he returns the toys to his own toy stronghold for safekeeping.
  • Bella and Tavish seem meant to be, at least under the rules of the Olive Theory from How I Met Your Mother. Bella loves toys that are intended to hold squeaky eggs, while Tavish prefers the aforementioned eggs.

There you have it – a quick introduction to the newest (and tiniest) member of our Tiny Herd. Do you have any questions about Tavish? Embrace your inner journalist and ask them in the comments!

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37 thoughts on “Let me tell you ’bout a dog I know…

    • They’re doing really well so far. They haven’t started snuggling together spontaneously (a gal can dream), but they don’t seem to have any issues being together. 🙂

  1. Yay, finally we get the 411 on our boy! In honor of all this exciting information, I’ve composed a limerick:

    There once was a cute boy named Tavish
    Whose great love for walkies was lavish
    With the Bella de Ball
    He runs down the hall
    Looking for eggies to ravish

    What can I say? I wasn’t an English major in college. Just be glad it’s clean. 🙂
    Pamela recently posted..Dogs Go For Ice Cream – Wordless Wednesday

  2. Ooooohhhhh, I was starting to suspect that Tavish was hiding some deep drk secret and you were purposely avoiding telling us about him! LOL, maybe head a secret underwear chewing fetish or a weird lisp, I dunno.

    I quite like the shape of his little snout and I quite want to kiss him between the eyes. I can’t wait to hear more about his adventures. Isn’t it funny how they pick up each other’s quirks??
    Kolchak recently posted..The Great Dog Bed Divide

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