Interspecies baby mama drama

Happy Friday! Let’s get to today’s linkage (which I must admit is not actually filled with baby mama drama… just several animal baby mamas).

  1. First up, your punny pet names: Furman Bates and Bone Crawford.
  2. That’s right. Those are my holiday-themed puns for this week. Okay, fine. Enjoy these photos of cute animal moms. Happy now?
  3. Moving on… this guy gives new meaning to the word sheepdog.
  4. Speaking of interspecies pals (as I almost always am), sometimes an animal adopts a different kind of animal. When that happens, cuteness is the guaranteed result.
  5. No, really. It’s absolutely guaranteed. Adorbs.
  6. Apple Moonbeam is an awesome name. That’s just a fact. (Also a fact? I could never adopt a squirrel in need, as Tavish would simply think I’d finally brought the appetizers inside instead of letting them taunt him from afar.)
  7. Um, guys? I think I’m melting over here.

Finally, we end with a video. I think I could watch this all day:

Still need more? Enjoy:

Obviously, today’s theme was partially inspired by Mother’s Day. This weekend, I’ll be remembering the wonderful lady who made me into the woman I am today. To those of you also making due with a memory, I’m sending you a giant hug.  

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