It runs in the family

I just had to share this photo today, in spite of my tragically high-waisted skirt. (I initially thought it was shorts, but I believe it’s actually a skirt. Though either way… still not my best look.) It’s a photo of my mom, some of our dogs and me.

My mom was a wonderful lady. I miss her today and every day. One of the things she instilled in me was a love of animals. I was looking through old photos earlier today – when I saw this one, I just had to smile.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the fantastic moms out there, and a big hug to anyone else who is missing their mom today.


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18 thoughts on “It runs in the family

  1. I imagine many of us have pictures of old clothes we cannot even remember wearing (or may not want to), but knowing your mom is in it is so special. She must have been quite a lady to have raised a woman like you.

  2. He-he, I think I had a very similar outfit:)

    It’s wonderful to look back at old photos and smile, it’s even more special when you remember what the ones in it taught us:)
    I agree with what Mel said:)

  3. The prior younger generation’s clothing gives the current younger generation a way to feel superior… at least until the next younger generation comes along. Love seeing a little you. 🙂

  4. What cute little blonde bambina you were! I’m sorry you lost your mom too soon. Truth is, I know someone who became an “orphan” (both parents gone) in her 70s, and hurts at that age too. We all need our mommies.

    As they say in my cultural milieu, may her memory be for a blessing.

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