105 punny bird names… and counting

Lately, I’ve been thinking that it’s time to expand the roundups of punny pet names beyond the current canine and feline collections.  After all, puns appear to be a perennial favorite around here – punny pet names in particular.

I wasn’t sure which species to focus on next, but Valentine’s Day got me thinking about lovebirds… so, the next punny name collection focuses on our feathered friends. 

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Without further ado, here are 105 punny bird names to get you started:

  • Ace Hentura (bird detective)
  • Aerie Fisher
  • Albatross Geller
  • Albatross Perot
  • Alex P. Turkeyton
  • AlexGander Graham Bell
  • Annie Hennox
  • Arianna Puffington
  • Aviann Landers
  • Bluejay Edgar Hoover
  • Buzzard Aldrin
  • Chandler Wing
  • Chick Clark
  • Chick Jagger
  • Chick Vitale
  • Chris Magpine
  • Christina Ostrichi
  • Clarence Sparrow
  • Colin Fowl
  • Crow DiMaggio
  • Crow-y Potter
  • Crowy Deschanel
  • Dame Judi Finch
  • David Sil-Bird
  • Dr. Zoidbird
  • Duck Norris (Squawker Texas Ranger)
  • Duck Rodgers
  • Duckbill Gates
  • Duckleberry Finn
  • Ducky Thompson
  • Edgar Allan Crow
  • Edie Falcon
  • Edward Seagullen
  • Egg Bundy
  • Egg Ryan
  • Eggolas
  • Emerbill Lagasse
  • Feather Graham
  • Feathers Locklear
  • Finchton Churchill
  • Flamingo Starr
  • Flapp Brannigan
  • Flaptain Morgan
  • Flight Schrute
  • Flight D. Eisenhower
  • Flock Hudson
  • Geoffrey Thrush
  • Goose Newton
  • Goose Springsteen
  • Goosey VanPelt
  • Heather Flocklear
  • Hen Kingsley
  • Hendy Kaling
  • Henona Ryder
  • Hillary Puff
  • James Caan-dor
  • Jimmy Talon
  • Joel McQuail
  • Jonathan Livingston Eagle
  • Julia Louis-Flyfus
  • Kanye Nest
  • Katey Seagull
  • Lark-Paul Gosselar
  • Lark Ruffalo
  • Lark Wahlberg
  • Laura Tern
  • Macawly Culkin
  • Mark Duckerberg
  • Martin Gull
  • Meryl Cheep
  • Michael Parakeeton
  • Molt McCoy
  • Monicaw Geller
  • Napoleon Bonapartridge
  • Nathan Bluejaydrian
  • Osprey Winfrey
  • Parrot Hilton
  • Pelicandy Crowley
  • Penguin Stefani
  • Penguinona Ryder
  • Pengwynneth Paltrow
  • Pigeon Hamm
  • Polly Parton
  • Pond Swanson
  • Quack Morris
  • Quill Murray
  • Rachel Preen
  • Reese Witherspoonbill
  • Roger Starling
  • Sandra SeaGullock
  • Sean Jayes
  • Shannen Do-Birdy
  • Stephen Squawking
  • Storky Sherwood
  • Swan Weasley
  • Swanold Reagan
  • Sylvia Plathypus
  • Tern Yip
  • Toucandace Bergen
  • Tweet Williams
  • Wil Tweeton
  • Wing Crosby
  • Winona Flyder
  • Wolfgang Duck
  • Wrenee Zellweger

Let’s keep this list going. Add yours in the comments!

(Sidebar: Those collections of cat and dog names are almost two years old. I guess an update will be in order at some point!)

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25 thoughts on “105 punny bird names… and counting

  1. Hahaha, these are so clever! I’m saving them for future reference.
    I have a blue male Parrotlet called Eddie Feather, I think his name is hilarious but so far only one personDogs

  2. What about
    Beverley Quills (Beverley Hills)
    Quill Smith (Will Smith)
    Amaquacko By Morning (Amarillo By Morning)
    Quack Johnson (Jack Johnson)
    Wild Quill Hickok (Wild Bill Hickok)
    Baquak Obama (Barak Obama)
    Miquille (Mi-quill) Obama (Michelle Obama)
    Quillary Clinton (Hillary Clinton)
    Quillary Duff (Hillary Duff)
    Gone With The Quack (Gone With The Wind)
    Quacky White (Betty White)
    Quakke (Qua-key) Davis (Bette Davis)
    Quacky McQuackerson
    Ancient Quackery (Ancient History)
    Quackis Quiller (Ferris Beuller)
    Quackelberry Quinn (Huckleberry Finn)
    Quackah And The Quail (Jonah and the Whale)
    Quacky Quick (Moby Dick)
    Quacky Dick (Moby Dick)
    Quackery Bartell (Cracker Barrell)
    Quackery Quotes (Quakers Oats)
    Going Quackers (Going Bonkers)
    Quackston Quackhill (Winston Churchill)

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