Wag Libs: If I [blank], feed [blank]

You may already know that I’m a compulsive lyric changer. I adore song parodies. Changing songs has become my own melodic version of Mad Libs.

(Speaking of, how great are Mad Libs?)

Bella Libs: I Still Want More Puppies

Bella is not a fan.

With that in mind, I thought we’d play a little game of Wag Libs today. Tap your inner lyric changer and play along!

Today’s Wag Libs song is an old one that I rediscovered recently. When I’m in the car alone, I turn on Prime Country and belt out the country hits of my youth. I can’t help myself. (Trust me, however… it’s much better that I’m alone when this happens.)

Earlier this week, I happened to hear “Feed Jake” by Pirates of the Mississippi. I’d kind of forgotten about it, but it definitely speaks to the dog lover in me. Have you ever heard this song?

Here’s a pretty good cover of it:

The chorus goes like this:

Now I lay me down to sleep. I pray the Lord my soul to keep. If I die before I wake, feed Jake. He’s been a good dog. My best friend, right through it all. If I die before I wake, feed Jake.

(I may have gotten emotional while singing along. I know, I know… I’m a mess.)

Anyway, shortly thereafter I found myself walking the dogs and changing the lyrics. In particular, I tackled that line about Jake. I came up with a few for each of the pups:

  • If I’m struck down by salmonella, feed Bella.
  • If I’m out late listening to Rockapella, feed Bella.
  • If my recent drinking was far too lavish, feed Tavish.
  • If a grizzly bear I tried to ravish, feed Tavish.

I didn’t say they were gems. Anyway, how would you rewrite the chorus for your pup?

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12 thoughts on “Wag Libs: If I [blank], feed [blank]

  1. If I end up a Led Zep roadie, feed Brody.

    If I begin to rot, go moldy, feed Brody.

    If I become a forgetful fogy, feed Brody.

    • Hmmm… how about:

      If I get waylaid by a poorly-driving texter, feed Dexter.

      If I meet the Queen and get stuck in a curtsy, feed Jersey.

      I realize I’m stretching it a bit on that last one! ๐Ÿ™‚

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