Canine Confession: I’m scared of falling in my water bowl!

It’s time to let you in on a little secret. I’m not entirely convinced that Tavish is a dog.

That’s right. I’ve long suspected that he’s actually a Mogwai. (For those of you who are not as nerdy and/or obsessed with pop culture – particularly of the 80s variety – as I am, a Mogwai is an adorable little thing that turns into a Gremlin if you aren’t careful.) 

Now, I’ve never tried to feed him after midnight, but he sure does hate getting wet. He loathes going out in the rain and often has to be carried out to do his business. Once, he gave me a dirty look when I accidentally dripped water on him while I was doing the dishes. Water is obviously the enemy.

My favorite example, however, happens multiple times per day. When he drinks from his water bowl, he stands far away from it, and stretches as far as his little legs will take him in order to reach the bowl. When he’s done, he backs away quickly as if the water bowl is going to suck him inside, casting suspicious glances at it the whole time.

A dramatic reenactment of Tavish’s reaction to his water bowl.

In short, he’s kind of bizarre.

(Okay, can we stop for a moment and briefly discuss this “after midnight” nonsense? Isn’t it always after midnight, in a way? At what point does the clock switch back to “before midnight” for feeding purposes? I’m kind of concerned that I’ll turn Tavish into an actual Gremlin someday simply because I don’t quite understand the rules.)

Anyway, based on his hatred of water, I’m convinced that he’s either a Gremlin or distantly related to the Wicked Witch of the West. The jury’s still out.

Does your dog have any quirky confessions? Is Tavish just an adorable weirdo?

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25 thoughts on “Canine Confession: I’m scared of falling in my water bowl!

  1. Poor Tavish, it sounds like something bad happened with that dish before you got him. Have you tried a water bottle like they use in crates or maybe a smaller dish.

    I agree though, it’s always AFTER midnight since midnight is when the military clock begins…
    Jodi recently posted..Strange Doin’s

  2. SIlas is so afraid of accidentally touching the water with his nose that he moves down millimeter at a time.

    He also has two water bowls, one upstairs and one downstairs. He’ll drink exclusively out of one for days or even weeks, then switch.
    Jessica recently posted..Who Decides What’s Fun?

  3. “Isn’t it always after midnight, in a way?”

    YES. This is my fundamental objection to the rule – it’s so vague!!

    We used to puppysit a hilarious Golden that would fall asleep everywhere she went. One day, I stepped out of the room for several minutes to come back to my friends saying she’d tried to drown herself. She was drinking water and just … fell asleep! With her face in the bowl!

    Huffle’s version of drinking usually involves him forgetting that he was drinking, and stopping midlap while about two cups of water gush back out of his mouth. Sigh.
    Dogmama recently posted..For shame!

  4. My friend’s dog had to be desensitized to water too. It’s certainly bizarre; in my friends case they could trace things back to where the phobia started. Even then it took quite some time to desensitize the dog because she’d disliked water for so long!

  5. I was thinking maybe distantly related to the wicked witch. Although he’s way too cute for that. (Although if you’ve read/seen Wicked, you know she was not wicked…. Just misunderstood.)

    Rita he lots of weird quirks. I blogged before about how weird she is about her Trader Joe’s cats cookies. I give them to her to fight the head bobbles in the a.m. when she has low blood sugar. She gobbles them up if I give her one as a treat at night. But when I try to give her one in the a.m., she won’t eat it until I eat one and show her that it’s yummy. so odd.
    Jackie Bouchard recently posted..Monday Mischief: Does the Gardener Taste Like Chicken?

  6. My big bad malinois will throw a temper tantrum if we do not pay her any attention. She will flop down in the living room multiple times until we acknowledge her or she will go into the bedroom and give one high pitch bark every minute until we come in there. It is too cute and I wish I could catch her on camera.

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