Pup culture confession: I like the dog from Duck Hunt

It’s time for another Friday link roundup. Today’s theme? Video games.

(Before we get started, however, a quick disclaimer. Looking back, I’m mildly horrified that I played a video game in which the objective was to shoot computerized ducks. However, I do have a certain fondness for that laughing dog. I can’t help it.)

  1. First up, this week’s punny pet name: Carmen Sandi-dog-o.
  2. Speaking of puns, this blog is filled entirely with recipes bearing punny titles of the legal variety. It is therefore amazing. I rest my case.
  3. Puns are not my only love. (Sorry, puns.) Given the format of this and many other posts, you are probably already aware that I love lists. Thus, this post about obsessive list making was a home run for me.
  4. Video games let you live out fantasies. Depending on the game, you can be a warrior, a dinosaur, a pilot, a hedgehog with a dye job, or even a plumber with an overactive imagination. Maybe you can even pretend you’re a dog?
  5. Now that I think about it, perhaps dogs are already living la vida video game.
  6. Apparently there’s a game coming out about a dog in space. (Yes, I’m fighting the urge to make that same dog… in… space joke again.)
  7. Who am I kidding? Will any video game dog ever top this guy?

    via giphy.com

  8. I mean, these cynical hedgehogs know what I’m talking about. Totally skeptical.

Today’s video reminded me of that old Mortal Kombat game. (Or maybe Punch Out, although this video is more akin to a boxing game.) (On a tangentially related note, I now want to start a band and name it Mortal Wombat.) (On a note related to that tangentially-related note, a Google search quickly revealed that I am far from the first person to utter that pun.)

(h/t Cute Overload)

Anyway, here’s what we’ve been up to this week on the blog:

Have anything fun planned this weekend? I’ve got a few things on my to do list, the least exciting of which might involve laundry. Wild and crazy? Check.

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