18 more punny pet names

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“But,” you may say to yourself, “punny dog names are great and all, but what about other pets?” Never fear! I have a whole host of names available to meet your punning needs.  Check out this list for punny cat names and this list for punny bird names.

The lists are missing a few more recent names that my brain has concocted, so they’re kind of due for an update.  Here are just a few of the ones I’ve thought of since those three lists were published:

  1. Mick Wagger
  2. Walter Cronkbite
  3. Barbara Pawlters
  4. Lickolas Cage
  5. Dogtor Who
  6. Lickey Mantle
  7. Albert Whinestein
  8. Shedward Scissorhands
  9. Bully Ray Cyrus
  10. Pawnda Rhimes
  11. Rawr-iska Hartigay (from Paw & Order SVMew, obvs)
  12. Mindy Meowling
  13. Dan Cather
  14. Mew Barrymore
  15. Roar-a Ephron
  16. John Mews
  17. C. Thomas Fowl
  18. Carl Feathers

There are honestly names for fish, horses, reptiles, and many others scattered throughout the site, but I haven’t had a chance to compile those into one post yet. Stay tuned… between that and my upcoming annual foray into caroldies (aka doggie-style Christmas carols), there’s much to do!

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